Macaroni and leo

MacKayla Benson auditions for the new role of Alex on Disney XD's show Kickin' It. She's been doing karate, gymnastics, and dance since she was three. What happens when she meets THE Leo Howard, and falls for him? What if he falls for her? Read to find out...


3. Phone Calls and Texts

"So you touched him?" Haylie asks me while she paints her toe nails.

"He carried me to the door and helped me walk into the waiting room!" I say after I take a drink of my water. I am stretching on my floor.

"Oh my goodness!' she squeals, "What's this?" She picks up a piece of paper that is sticking out of my purse. It has a phone number on it. "You should text it!"

"Let me see it," I say, and she hands me the paper and I pick up my phone and unlock it, and text the number. We watch TV while we wait for the person to text back.

Hi who is this? -Unknown

"Ahh! They texted back!" Haylie squeals. I roll my eyes and text them back.

MacKayla, who is this? -Mac

Hey MacKayla! It's Leo. -Leo

"Thy said it's Leo," I say.

Leo Howard? -Mac

The one and only! -Leo

"Ahh! He gave you his phone number!" she says.

"But how? He must have slipped it into my purse when we were in the elevator," I say.

"Who cares! You have Leo Howard's phone number!!" she says. I roll my eyes and laugh.

My phone rings and the caller ID is an Unknown number. I pick it up.

"Hello?" I answer.

"MacKayla Benson?" a man on the other end asks.

"This is she," I say.

"I would like to inform you that you have been cast as Alex Crawford on Kickin' It," he says.

"Really?" I ask walking to the bathroom and locking the door behind me, and sitting on the closed toilet seat.

"Yes, would it be possible for you to come to set on Monday? We would like to show you around and introduce you to everyone," he says.

"Of course!" I say.

"Would you like me to text you the directions Sunday evening then?" he asks.

"Sure, thank you!" I say.

"No, thank you. For auditioning!" he says before he hangs up. I make sure the phone is hung up before I scream.

I unlock the door and run to my room.

"I GOT THE PART!!!!!!!" I scream. Haylie screams.

"Why are you screaming?" my older brother, Westley, asks.

"You know how I auditioned for a role on that TV show Kickin' It?" I ask him.

"Yeah, it's all you would talk about for the past month," he says leaning on the door frame.

"Well I got the part!!!" I say.

"Really?" he asks. I nod. "Well congrats Sis!" He hugs me.

"Thanks, where's Mom?" I ask.

"In the kitchen I think," he says. I run down the stairs into the kitchen.

"Mom! Guess what!!" I say.

"What?" She says as she gives me and Haylie bowls of ice cream.

"I got the part!!" I say, "And they want me on set on Monday!"

"Im so proud of you," she says. She gives me a big hug.

"Thanks Mom!" I say, "I have karate tomorrow at nine, gymnastics at noon and dance at four."

"Let me guess, you need the car?" she asks.

"Please? I will be out of the house from eight to like seven, and I really hate the bus!" I say.

"Sure, just remember to be safe," she says, "The keys will be on the rack, I have to go to work tomorrow, and your dad is still on the business trip until Wednesday, I won't be home until around six, and I think Westley is going to Erics house for the day."

"I know, I'm sixteen Mom! I'll be fine! I'll drop Haylie off on my way to the dojo, it will all work out!" I say.

Right now, I'm glad my mom took me out of school, so I could be homeschooled, to accommodate my busy schedule, from karate competitions, to gymnastics competitions, to dance recitals.

"Okay, I'll be out of the house before you wake up, I suggest you wake up at least by 7:30," she says.

"Okay Mom," I say. With that, Haylie and I head upstairs, and go to sleep.

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