Macaroni and leo

MacKayla Benson auditions for the new role of Alex on Disney XD's show Kickin' It. She's been doing karate, gymnastics, and dance since she was three. What happens when she meets THE Leo Howard, and falls for him? What if he falls for her? Read to find out...


4. Busy Schedule

"Get your lazy butt out of bed!!" Haylie says as she beats me with a pillow.

"Ugh! Fine!" I say. I roll out of bed. Literally! I roll onto the floor, and get up.

I grab a pair of dark wash jean shorts, a white shirt that has a black paw print on it on it, and my black rubber flip flops.

I grab my karate bag that has my black belt and training gi in it. My formal gi is hanging in my closet, and the rest of my belts are framed and hanging on my wall in one big picture frame. I put my bag on my bed, and grab my gymnastics bag that has my training things in it.

I toss that on my bed, then grab my dance bag that has my pointe shoes, warm up shoes, tap shoes, and sneakers for hip hop in it, along with a real leotard, skirt, tutu, and leg warmers for warm ups. I grab a loose fitting pink shirt, extra hair ties, Bobby pins, and socks.

I quickly brush my hair and put it in a pony tail, and brush my teeth. I take all my bags and my purse downstairs.

"Got enough things?" Haylie asks when she sees me walk through the kitchen to the garage.

"If you think this is a lot, you should see me on competition day!" I say. I grab the keys the the Range Rover and head into the garage. I unlock the car, and put my bags in the backseat.

I go back inside, and go upstairs and grab my phone. I check the time, and it's 8:15. I go back downstairs and grab an apple from the kitchen.

"Ready to go back to your house, for a relaxing day, while I have to go to three different practices?" I say.

"Sure, how do you balance all three things perfectly?" she asks.

We get in the car, and I say, "Homeschooling helps, but I mostly talk to my sensei, coach and teacher, and all four of us work it out." I pull out of the garage and drive to her house.

"I still wish you were in school though!" she says.

"Sometimes I wish I was too, but I really like homeschooling. It made my schedule just that more easy to handle," I say.

"How are you going to manage all of it, on too of filming?" she asks.

"Well I can do karate on the show, so that's a given, and I can probably do gymnastics on the show too, but I might just have to change my dance schedule, so that it's only on weekends," I say.

"You'll figure it out, you always do!" she says. I pull up I front of her house at 8:45.

"Thanks Haylie, see you later!" I say.

"See ya chicka!" she says. She grabs her bag, and heads inside, and I drive to the dojo.

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