Macaroni and leo

MacKayla Benson auditions for the new role of Alex on Disney XD's show Kickin' It. She's been doing karate, gymnastics, and dance since she was three. What happens when she meets THE Leo Howard, and falls for him? What if he falls for her? Read to find out...


2. Auditions

"So you actually met him?!" Haylie almost screams through the phone speaker.

"Yes! And I rolled my ankle again, and he helped me!" I almost squeal. I'm in the hallway, my ankle has stopped hurting, so I can walk on it again.

"Ahh! Do you know what this means?!" she squeals loudly.

"Am I thinking the same thing that you are?" I ask.

"That you will get the part and have a potential boyfriend?! Yes!!!" she says.

"Sure, well I gotta go, but I'll call you later," I say.

"See you later, did you forget that it's friday?" she says.

"Sleep over night! How could I forget?!" I say.

"It's okay, see you later," she says before she hangs up. I walk back into the waiting room.

"MacKayla Benson?" a woman says with her head stuck out of the same door that Leo went in. I get up and walk over to her with my head shots and résumés.

"We brought in a special person to run lines with everyone, just to catch an idea for the chemistry, Leo?" the producer, I think his name is Jim, says. I politely nod. Leo walks in with a water bottle, and smiles at me.

"Would you please read the scene when Alex and Jack meet?" a woman asks.

"Sure, and I flip through my script and find it, just for reference.

"Whenever you're ready," the woman says.

I nod and start.

When we end the scene, the woman asks if I'll read the scene when Jack finds Alex in the dojo.

"Thank you MacKayla, you may leave now, we will be in touch," the woman says and I walk out the door.

**Leo's P.O.V**

"I like her, can we keep her?" I ask.

"You sound like you're talking about a puppy," Jim says.

"I don't care, I like her, she's perfect for Alex!" I say, "I talked to her before, in the parking lot, when I went to get my phone, she said she's done karate, gymnastics, and dance since she was three!"

"I know, it says right here on her résumé," Jim says.

"I liked her too Jim," Janet says.

"What do you think Robert?" Jim asks.

"I like her," he says.

"I think we found our new Alex!" Jim says.

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