Saving Him.

I don't want to love anyone else but you.


1. Discovery.

Selena awoke to the door of her hotel room slamming behind her cousin Priscilla alongside with the constant yelling of "Sel, Sel, Are you up?" Turning over on her side to face the door frame, Selena awaited for cousin to enter the bedroom. "Did you hear about Justin?"her cousin asked as she entered the room. Rushing her fingers through her hair Selena sighed, while being completely oblivious to what her cousin was talking about. "Pris, it's 9:30 in the morning"Selena groaned."You have to watch this, you're going to freak out!" Priscilla stated as she played Justin's disposition video for Selena on her IPhone. "Don't ask me about her again.....I don't have to listen to anything you have to say" Justin stated in the video as Selena watched trying to process everything. Not wanting to hear another word or watch another second of the video, Selena quickly got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom."Sel"Priscilla cried out before pausing the video. "Don't pause it thinking I'm going to continue watching, because i'm not." Turning her cellphone off without saying a word, Priscilla felt the tension in the room now. "Sel, what's going on?"Priscilla yelled from the bedroom. Walking back into the bedroom with a towel over her face, Selena shrugged. "Sel....come on"Priscilla begged."This..this is what's wrong. You, Brian, my mom and everyone tell me that I should stay away from Justin yet at the same time you keep me updated with every little thing he does. It's like how do you want me to get over someone, when you constantly mention them 24/7?"Selena exclaimed as she framed her own face with her hands closing her eyes. "Because, if we don't tell you, you'll find out and when you do you'll get upset and say that we were keeping you trapped in this little "bubble" pretending that everything was just "fine." Selena felt a wave of confusion consume her; How do you stay away from your first love and try to forget them when the very people who are supposed to be helping you won't stop mentioning them? Looking at her cousin with wider eyes, Priscilla gasped. "You still love him.."Priscilla mumbled clear enough for Sel to hear. Removing her hands from her own face, Selena remained silent for a few minutes before answering."I- I don't know if I'm supposed to feel this way Pris, maybe it's because I've never felt this way about anyone - but I do, I do love him and it's taking everything in me to not get on a plane and fly to where ever he is and comfort him. He was there through it all, he even stayed the night with me at the hospital during my mother's miscarriage. He was there when it all seemed grey and now I have to pretend like I don't even know him to keep my "image" in Hollywood"Selena admitted shaking her head slightly. "I don't know how long I can keep doing this"Selena added as she bit down onto her lower lip. At that very moment, Selena discovered that no matter how hard she tried to convince herself, or attended rehab to "better herself", she knew the only person who could fix things was Justin. 

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