1. Toby

It was always the same. School. Homework. Sleep. And on Sundays, family time. This is what society was suppose to be. A so called "perfect" world. But everyone knows that with all good, comes bad. Why do you think we have poverty? Why do you think our rebels still wave there torches at night? War? It's not accidental, it has a purpose. It may not be one all of society want to except, but it's still a reason. So why you may ask? Because they can. No one can stop them, and society knows it. That's why they're afraid. They all are. This is a fact that Violet knows very well. At the age of 6 her brother, Toby, was taken away from her family because he knew "too much." He was part of an experimental group of scientists that studies behavioral activity among children. They tested, and pushed the limits, of many facts that society did not want tampered with. This scared the government. I mean come on, the people of our world knowing the truth? How horrid. What's a society without secrets right? It's all fun and games until the truth is out to everyone. Everyone being the innocent and the guilty. Violet's brother was a keen example of how the government can just "take care of things." And Violet knew this too well. She was always getting herself in trouble. Not in a bad way, but in a small way that people still noticed. She was always just a little too curious, or wanted to know too much. At school her teachers always told her "that's impossible" to her crazy ideas about the world. I mean what did she know? She was just an ordinary 16 year-old girl. And she would constantly find herself at night, lying wide awake in bed, wondering about the word, impossible. Why did it have to be IM-possible. Why not just possible? What was wrong with that? Apparently a lot of things. She wakes up from an impossible sleep to an odd sensation. She feels uncomfortable, like she's being watched. There's a stiff yet vibrant demure about the room, a sly stinge that's stuck to the room like water on ice. She opens her eyes to a familiar face. She recognizes the crooked smile, brilliant blue eyes, and bushy blonde hair. It's her Toby.

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