Dream Catcher [Carter Reynolds]

Tamia was your ordinary punk rock girl. She is forced into taking her sister to magcon. When she meets Carter she falls insanely in love with him. Is it just a game to him though?


3. Regret

Tamia's Pov

"Well you've got balls." He said laughing

"Okay bye." I said while walking away

"You obviously don't considering you can't stay here." He said while smirking

"Fine then. I'll say here with you guys.!" I said sitting down on a bench annoyed

"Great told you I could make you stay. Have fun!" He said walking away

I started to play on my phone and texting someone.

All of a sudden Carter walked over.

"Hey." He said smiling a adorable smile

"Hi." I said

"Do you wanna go walk around the streets for a while?" He asked really shyly

"Sure. Don't get any ideas. I don't like you guys." I said laughing

He smiled.

We got out of the doors and started to walk down the streets.

We walked for hours. Laughing am talking the whole time. Till finally...

"Tell me about yourself." He said

"Well, I'm Tamia Jefferson and I like bands. I am 16 years old am a shortie for my age. I uhm.....nothing forget it." I said slowly on the last part

"What? Tell me! I will tell you about me." He said with a puppy dog face

"I'm actually ....anorexic and use to c-cu-cut." I said knowing I'd scare him away like the others

"Why?" He said with watery eyes

"I had an ex boyfriend who abused me." I said crying

Why am I confessing? Why am I trusting him? He won't care either.

Carter pulled me into a tight hug and wouldn't let go.

"Your perfect and don't need to change for anyone." He said

I felt safe in his arms. I don't know why. He's suppose to be a stuck up jerk like the others..

He grabbed me hand and pulled up my sleeve.

There was still about 5 scars.

He reached down and kissed them.

Why is he nice or caring? I barley met this guy but I'm falling for him. Hard and it isn't right !

"I like you a lot..." He whispered

"I do to." I whispered

"Do you wanna come over and meet the boys?" He said trying to smile but failing

"Yeah sure." I said with a big smile

Carter ran to his car and I hopped in too.

We arrived shortly.

"Wait here love. I have to ask them." He said smiling

"Okay." I said

After waiting about 25 minutes, I walked out of the door and slowly peeked in their convo.

"She's perfect but I can't stand her scars." He said

"What.!" I thought

He told me I was perfect. I was right I should have never liked a guy like him . I should have never fallen again. I'm always betrayed in the end. I hate him!

I ran to the car and just cried and wouldn't stop.

*since tomorrow is Friday I will be doing a double update where they might actually date thanks for reading lovies I have an announcement to I am officially 4 months clean:Dxx- Cassy

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