Dream Catcher [Carter Reynolds]

Tamia was your ordinary punk rock girl. She is forced into taking her sister to magcon. When she meets Carter she falls insanely in love with him. Is it just a game to him though?


4. Misunderstanding & I love you's

Carter's Pov-

I walked away in tears because what the boys said was right.

I saw her in tears and wouldn't stop.

"Tamia what's wrong.?" I ask

"Get away from me.! I hate you! " she screams

"Your just like the others. You lieing fag." She screams

" baby, what are you talking about?" He ask

"She perfect but her scars are ugly.?" She cried

"Babe. You don't understand. " he said

"Yes I do you are the same. I want you out of my life forever. " I yelled

"Love please just listen." He cried

"Why? So I can get lied to again." She said

"No it's a misunderstanding. I swear." He yells

"No we are through. Whatever we had done." She yells

I bursted in to tears. She doesn't understand. This is bad it's wrong I didn't say that.

I ran up into my room crying for what seemed like forever.

Two days Later---------------------------------------

Cater hasn't left his room and Tamia stayed in the guest bedroom.

Carter walked out for the first time to see Tamia in there .

She turns around and her happiness is all drained.

"Tamia please listen for a second." He said

"What do you want Carter?" She asked

"Look I'm sorry but you didn't hear the whole convo. I said I can't stand your scars because they show me a time when you needed me and I wasn't there. I dont know what you do to me but you make me have butterflies and I love you. I am really sorry. Your perfect to me." He said crying

Tamia was already in tears trying to speak.

"I love you." She whispers while leaning into a hug.

*what do you think.? It's 4 in the morning and I tired. Night lovies:)

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