Dream Catcher [Carter Reynolds]

Tamia was your ordinary punk rock girl. She is forced into taking her sister to magcon. When she meets Carter she falls insanely in love with him. Is it just a game to him though?


1. Introductury

Hi.!:) I'm Tamia and guess who gets to meet the boys from magcon. Whoopdidoo.! I for one hate those fags but my sister loves them and instead of being grounded, I bring her to that place. Oh yeah about myself.?

Well I'm 16 and I have purple/blue hair.:) lol. I love my chemical romance and pierce the veil. I get in trouble a lot because everyone hates me. I am addicted to Arizona and monster not Starbucks.

I skateboard a lot with my crush/BFF deyn . Who has been there for me a lot.

I'm know nothing is going to happen she's going to hug those dudes then we leave home.

I just hope those fags don't flirt with her. She'll never leave then.

*okay hi I'm cassy and I do not hate magcon this is just a story love you bye:)

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