Dream Catcher [Carter Reynolds]

Tamia was your ordinary punk rock girl. She is forced into taking her sister to magcon. When she meets Carter she falls insanely in love with him. Is it just a game to him though?


2. I like her.

Tamia's Pov-

Beep Beep.!

I groaned and slowly walked to my closet.

I threw on a all time low fresh top and some shorts. I also wore my vans.

I took my hair out of a bun and let my wavy purple hair loose. I applied my makeup. Only putting foundation and mascara.

I grabbed a Arizona and walked out of the door. Of course my sister was already in the car. She probably slept there. She loves these losers.

We got into the car and she wouldn't stay still.

"Isn't this great.!" She said

"Yeah whoop whoop. Time of our life." I said sarcastically

"I bet you five bucks, you will end up liking one of them." She says

"Deal because they are a bunch of nobody's." I say while stopping the car

"WE ARE HERE.!" She screamed

We got out of the car and saw how packed it really was.

"Look here's the line for Shawn let's go." She said so happily

We waited for about two hours till we finally were in front.

"Hey." He said

I groaned.

"Someone's mad. Aren't you happy to see us.?" He asked

"No. I don't like you guys" I said

"CARTER" he screams

Some really cute guy runs up to him.

"Kiss her." He states

"No shawn." I scream

"I dare you." He says

I'm a punk rock girl. I will do any dare. If he thinks he is really that cool. Well then fine. I will prove him wrong.

I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him.

I didn't feel anything and proved shawn wrong.

Carter's Pov

She all of a sudden grabbed me by my neck and kissed me. The kiss was passionate and sparks were everywhere .

I think I like her.

God,and she hates me.!

*sorry it's small but the next chapter is super long so yeah thanks cuties oh and I was thinking Tamia was a hipster punk rock girl I really want her imaged as aly antorcha the famous tunblr URL with purple blue pink hair. What do you think.? Comment below well bye:)

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