I Will Show You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Ther was a girl who always get bullies.One day,she decided to change.she started to wear makeup.start to change her style.start to hag out with friend.start to have boyfriend.Now,she's not the library girl anymore,she one of the famous celebrity.what happen when she meet the bullies?and he fallin' love ate her?does he know it a girl who he always bullied?does he?will she accept his apologize?
-find out ;) Enjoy!x

p/s This story based on one of my favorite Korean song I Will Show You by Ailee.


4. TCA night

Diana's POV  -still one her pov k :)-

as we arrived.we went out of the car and many flash of camera which i really don't like it were taking picture of us.we smiled and waved some at the fan.then,someone stop us.it the women from one of the biggest TV show.she asked us a question.

"hello Harries Family."she said and smiled at us.we say hello back.

"so,we gonna as mrs Harries first.Mrs Harries is that true you dating your own step brother Finn?"she asked as Finn and me started to laughed.

"what?no!i'm not.of course not.he is my big brother."i protested

"what about the picture you at the park alone with Harries Brother.eating icecream.laughing.what all of that?"she asked

"is it wrong to hang out with my Big brother.is it wrong to ate icecream?is it wrong to laugh?"i asked.

"of course not.but why you din't bring Jack Harries too?"she asked

"well Jack kinda busy with his youtube video.so he is not coming with us"i explain

"well,sorry for the misunderstanding."she said and i smiled.we left them and went to the hall.we sat on our sit.we greet some other celebrity.about hour later,the show start with One Diction perfomance.my eyes only focused on Harry.it reminded me everything.our great time together.i feel just wanna cry.but i hold my tears. 

"sis?are you okey?"Jack asked "yeah i'm okey"i said "are you crying sis?"he asked me curiously. "no,something just got into my eyes."i said and he nodded.after One Direction perfomance.it turn me to shock when my name been called.i din't pratice.is that other prank.i went to the backstage and ask them what song should i sing.they said i can sing what ever song.i decided to sing my new song and went to the stage.as the song start and i start to sing.the song end and I went to my sit.and then other celebrity perfomance.and now,it award time!i turn really excited.

Best music video win by One Direction.and goes and goes and goes.

Best song of the year win by Me!omg!i really don't expected that i win.

the show end.we took some picture.and then a voice just call our name out.yeah you know.Harries Family.we really popular with that name.and i'm not sure why. "Harries's!"a voice call out again and again.went we turn around it One Direction.i really get nervous now.i hope Harry din't regonize me. "oh hey boys."i said and we greet each other hand.and when Harry turn.he just hold my hand tigher.i really akward. "Harry,you can let go of her hand."one of the boy said.it Louis maybe. "wowo,Louis are you jelous?"the blond one ask him "of course i'm!she shooked Harry hand long.Harry never hold my hand that long"he said.we laugh.but not Harry. 


Harry's POV

i know i have met her somewhere.it seen i have meet her for a long time.she seem she doesn't comfort around me.i know there something!snap it off Harry.who is her?after they left i kept thinking again and again.can't stop thinking about her.

One Direction's House.Night.

"hey mate,are you okey?"Zayn asked

"yeah i'm okey.it just Diana.i know i have meet her somewhere,but i don't know."i said

"maybe it because she remind you of Kendall maybe.yeah you know.brown hair.same as Kendall"Liam said

"yeah maybe"i said.but i still can't stop thinking about him.that girl bring me crazy!let make it simple.just let go to sleep.huh brain.i went to my bedroom and change my outfit to boxer.ONLY.but before that,i'm going to tweet something.i took my phone out and went to twitter

"Thank you for your all Vote. xxmuch love Harry" i click tweet and cose my phone and lamp off.


*really excited.other chapter coming soon k :) comment and favorite k.. xxC.*



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