I Will Show You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Ther was a girl who always get bullies.One day,she decided to change.she started to wear makeup.start to change her style.start to hag out with friend.start to have boyfriend.Now,she's not the library girl anymore,she one of the famous celebrity.what happen when she meet the bullies?and he fallin' love ate her?does he know it a girl who he always bullied?does he?will she accept his apologize?
-find out ;) Enjoy!x

p/s This story based on one of my favorite Korean song I Will Show You by Ailee.


2. Preparing for TCA

Diana's POV

day before TCA.Morning.London.

it the day before TCA.i really excited!for the first time they invite me.I really can't wait for tomorrow.what should i wear uh.

"Courtney"i call my assistant.

"Yes Mrs Diana"she said

"i don't know what to wear for TCA tomorrow.do you have any suggestion what should i wear for tomorrow?"i asked

"what about you wear your last week dinner dress?it fit on you beautifully."she suggested

"no way.that dress to short for me."i said.

"Courtney,prepair a car.i'm going out today."i said

"yes madam"she said and went out from my bedroom.

guess what?i din't take a bath.lol.i rushed to my bathroom and take a shower.i let the warm water trought my skin.then,i took my towel and wrapped my hair and body.then i went to my closet.i discover all my outfit.i wear my white plain shirt and blue short.i took out my boot and slip on it.i brushed my hair and put it into a messy bun.I look simple.


as i out of my car i'm in front one of the popular dress store in the London.i went into that store.

"hi Mrs Harries.really nice to have you here.what can i help you"i girl which work at this store. 

"can i  meet your manager?"i asked 

"sure.let me show you the way"she said

"oh,please don't say him that i'm coming.it a suprise"i said

"ookey."she said and lead me to his office.i hide on the wall.

"mrs David.Someone want to meet you"the girl say 

"who is it?"he asked

"i don't know."she said "let her in"he said                          the girl went out from his office and told me in.i smiled and thank her.

"well well well,hola to Mrs Eddie David"i said.btw,you know what.he is a boy but acted like a girl.well you know.Gay.

"OMG,OMG,OMG!Papper or i mean Diana!"he shouted and hug me 

"don't you dare call me Papper again young woman!"i said to him

"what ever.don't you dare call me Eddie.It Ellie young woman!"he said.i rolled my eyed

"do you know!i miss you freaking much!after you left everything changed!"he said and both of us sit on a couch.

"what kind of it?"i asked.

"do you still remember Rabecca?the one who always bullied you? she turn to be like crazy girl!she acted like a nerd!"he said

"omg!other than that?"i asked.

"Mr Jonathan the one who flirting.i raped him!"he said

"You gotta be kidding me!"i laughed histricaly.

"what about harry?"i asked

"oh,that jerk?he keep stop bullying and he doesn't speak much after you let and also he break up with his gf bcause he cheating on her."he said

"poor guy.what ever!"Ellie" i need your help.do you have a cool outfit that i can wear for TCA?i really need you help"i said

"yes i do!but you can took it tomorrow morning cause i just ordered it today."he said

"tomorrow morning k!i really need that dress.make sure it comes tomorrow.and also,come to my house tomorrow mornin' cause i need a makeover.yeah you know.i really want to get makeover from one of the famous designer in London."i said

"i would love to!"he siad a kiss my cheek

"Edd,i mean Ellie..i gotta to go.there more work to do.bye dive"i kiss him on the cheek and left.




*how was it?hope you enjoy it.new chapter comin' soon :) xC*






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