I Will Show You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Ther was a girl who always get bullies.One day,she decided to change.she started to wear makeup.start to change her style.start to hag out with friend.start to have boyfriend.Now,she's not the library girl anymore,she one of the famous celebrity.what happen when she meet the bullies?and he fallin' love ate her?does he know it a girl who he always bullied?does he?will she accept his apologize?
-find out ;) Enjoy!x

p/s This story based on one of my favorite Korean song I Will Show You by Ailee.


3. Preparing for TCA -2-

Diana's POV

"Sis!wake up!someone want to meet you!"i heard a voice callin my name.it my step brother.well,for your information.I'm Finn And Jack Harries step sister.

"Shut up Finn!"i shouted and throw him a pillow.

"stop throwing me a pillow.and one more thing i'm not Finn.there a gay want to meet you!just wake up already.

"what ever!"i said. "okey then,i'm going to told him to go home and cencel the outfit that you want.have a nice dream!"he said.

"no!"i shout and wake.I brushed my teeth and face.i wnet downstair and sit on da couch.

"hey girl!you look pretty aweful."he said

"THANK.YOU"I said "much welcome.just go take a bath.u smell like a sh*t.don't worry about me.i'm not going to rape your brother.but i admit it,hes quite hot!"he said and giggle

"okey then."i walked back to upstair and took my towel and went to my bathroom.

i wear my blue dress and let my hair down.i went to downstair.

"what time are now?"i asked Eddie or Ellie or what ever his name is.

"almost 1PM."he said as my eyes wide open.geez!never sleep that long.what a shame.

"so,where's my dress?"i asked

"here"he hand me a box.I opened that box as see red Dress.

"it so beautiful!thank gal!"i said and hug him

"so,let get started.the show would start at 4." he said.i nodded and lead him to my dressing room

"god!i'm on one of the famous super star in the world!and i'm proud of it."he said.i chuckled. 

"so let get started!"he said and i sat on the dressing chair.

about 2 hours half later.i'm done.i looked at my self in the mirror.i do looked beautiful.with my hair were curled up.my eyeshadow are black and not to bright.my blush not to red.i'm wearing my red long dress.i'm on my black high heels."I Loved it"i said

"wow!you are not Pepper that i know 3 years ago!"he said. "geez,thank pal!"i hug him and he hug me back.

"girl,i need to go.i have a dated today.bye"he kissed me on the cheek and waved me.i look at the clock on the dresser.to early to go.i'm not going alone right.i'm going with my bro.i went to Jack's room and knock the door.

"Jack,are you ready to go?"i asked 

"gimme 5 minute"he said and i leave.then i went to Finn's room.the door was open and i enter see he was trying to botton his shirt.

"let me help you"i suggest and he nodded.

"there.done."i said."let go.i don't want to be late."i said

"okey.just let me pack my stuff.by the way.you looked beautiful."he said kissed me on the cheek and i smiled.look.that not what you thinking.he not going to date his sister right?.snap it off.i leaved the room and went to the living.i sit on the couch carefully don't want to ruined my hair.then,both of my brother were done.we went to the car and let Jack drive it.


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