I Will Show You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Ther was a girl who always get bullies.One day,she decided to change.she started to wear makeup.start to change her style.start to hag out with friend.start to have boyfriend.Now,she's not the library girl anymore,she one of the famous celebrity.what happen when she meet the bullies?and he fallin' love ate her?does he know it a girl who he always bullied?does he?will she accept his apologize?
-find out ;) Enjoy!x

p/s This story based on one of my favorite Korean song I Will Show You by Ailee.


9. Diner time

Diana's POV.

I walked out of the room and changed in something comfortable. Some sweatpants and a T-shirt, without sleeves, so you can see the cut. I looked at it and regret it, but I can't take my mind off Harry. I felt bad and needed to do something, but what I didn't know is why he asked me to help him.

I wondered what Harry thought when his mother told him I moved to California. If he missed me, because the first few days I missed him a LOT... I couldn't sleep back then but I thought that I should move on, but still, that crush never dissapeared. When I saw him on tv I was shocked.. And when I met him again it grown only more..

'SIS? Wear something nice, a dress or something, we are going out!' Yelled Jack.

'With Who?' I yelled back.

'Just some old friends!' I groaned, a dress hmmm, wich one should I choose? hmm... maybe my old dress from school... Yes it was nerd dress but I changed some things and it looked really beautiful, I picked some high heels, a black purse and curled my hair a bit, nothing much.

I applied some mascara, lipgloss and blush.

I walked downstairs and saw Jack and Finn in a tux, waiting for me.

'You look great Pepper...' Finn smirked, they still joked about that name, but its funny if only they do it.

'Thanks, Finnie..' I said and he groaned, he hated that nickname.

'With who?' I asked again.

'Just some old friends I already said.' Jack said and smiled, I returned one. We walked to the car and drove to a nice Italian restaurant.

'Under the name Styles.' Jack said and I looked shocked, Styles?

As in Harry Styles?

As in my ex-best friend Harry Styles?

As in H- okay I get it now.

We walked to our table and I saw Harry and the rest of his band sitting there. Why me?! I asked myself.

'Hi guys, this is Pep-' Jack started and Harry looked at me, I glared at Jack. 'Diana..' He recovered himself, but Harry still stared at me, ofcoars the dress I guess...

The boys introduced himself and sat down again, Harry looked full of sadness? Okay can this day be any weirder?

We ordered our foos and I took my favorite food since I was a child. I didn't care if Hazz noticed I love it.

Harry looked at me like I am crazy.

'Whats wrong Hazz?' Louis asked.

'Uh. nothing, I just think I know her from something..' He replied.

'Well duh, she is a famous singer!' Zayn said in a 'duh' tone, he nodded and we chatted a bit with the boys and ate our food, it was fun actually.

Fun like the past...

I miss those times when he didn't bully me and just was my friend.

I wish I could get that back...

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