I Will Show You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Ther was a girl who always get bullies.One day,she decided to change.she started to wear makeup.start to change her style.start to hag out with friend.start to have boyfriend.Now,she's not the library girl anymore,she one of the famous celebrity.what happen when she meet the bullies?and he fallin' love ate her?does he know it a girl who he always bullied?does he?will she accept his apologize?
-find out ;) Enjoy!x

p/s This story based on one of my favorite Korean song I Will Show You by Ailee.


12. day before tour

Diana's POV

i pack my clothes and my necessary thing.Finn & Jack help me pack my stuff.

"i hope you can go with me"i speak out "yeah,i'm gonna missed you"Jack said "miss you guys too"i said.i heard a sobbing sound.i turn around and see Finn are crying.Aw 

"Finn.are you crying?"jack ask "aww,Finnie!i'm going to miss you too"i said and hug him.

"sis,please don't go"he said and give me a puppy eyes look.so cute!

"i have too.i promised i will skyped or call both of you everyday"i say "promise"he held his pinky finger out."promised"we giggled.i know i'm going to miss all of this.my tears fell on my cheek "aww,pep..don't cry"jack say and both of them hug me.i smiled.

after packing we decided to hang out.we went to watch a movie at cinemas.an hours later we went shopping.i bought 2 dresses,1 legging & short and 3 shirt.some fans notice us and took picture of us.

"i'm starving"Jack complain."me too"i said "let go to nandos!"Finn said.we agreed and head to nandos.Jack order the food while me and Finn are waiting. 

"yay Nandos!"i heard a scream.i know this voice somewhere.i turn around and saw Harry and his band member. "Yo Finn!"Louis call his name. "sup!"Finn greet Louis hands. "just taking our baby Horan to nandos"he said with giggled "yeah,catch you guys later"Louis said.he smiled at me and smiled back.i felt uncomfortable cause Harry keep staring at me.

"i wanna go to toilet"i told my big bro.they nodded.i walk to the girl bathroom and wash my hand and fix a messed on my hair.i went out from toilet and see Jack and Finn are gone.oh no!they are not leaving me.i walked to the table that we sit and saw a note on it.

"sis,we are at the park front the mall.see you there. xFinn"

i rolled my eyes.why they can't wait me anyway.i walk out from the store and went to the park.i scan every single people as i'm searching them.there they are.

"Guys!why you guys can't wait?"i asked "sorry"they said.i was the boys are playing the skateboard. "let go home."i told them.they nodded "are you guys leaving?why so soon?"Niall ask "i need to pack my stuff"i lie "what a lie"Jack whispered to himself and Niall heard that. "come'on Diana.you can pack later"Liam add "sorry guys...I'm"harry cut me off "we are going to leave tomorrow too.could you let we hang out with you big bro"he said.i rolled my eyes "okey.okey." I said and sit on the bench.i went to my phone and open twitter.

"i'm going to miss London.x"

I click the tweet button and put my phone back on my pocket.

"hey"i heard i deep british boy. "hey Harry"i said.he sit next to me.1 word that i can describe about my feeling right now.AKWARD. "so,"he said "yeah?"i asked "can i have your phone number?"he ask. "sure"i smiled and give him my phone number."thank"he said and leave.


Diana's Home,night

after taking bath i lock my self on my bedroom.i heard a familiar beep from my phone.it a massage

From : anonymous to:Diana

"hey.it Harry.How are you"

to:Hazz from:Diana

"hey,fine.what chu doin' :)?"

from: Hazz to:Diana 


to : Hazz from : Diana

"locking my self on the bedroo ;)"

from : hazz to : diana

"so,you are going tour tomorrow.same with us"

to : Hazz From : Diana

"yeah,first tour is on Florida."

from : hazz to : Diana

"cool!our first tour is Florida to.hope you ther :D"

me too Hazz.me too.

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