I Will Show You (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Ther was a girl who always get bullies.One day,she decided to change.she started to wear makeup.start to change her style.start to hag out with friend.start to have boyfriend.Now,she's not the library girl anymore,she one of the famous celebrity.what happen when she meet the bullies?and he fallin' love ate her?does he know it a girl who he always bullied?does he?will she accept his apologize?
-find out ;) Enjoy!x

p/s This story based on one of my favorite Korean song I Will Show You by Ailee.


10. Club

Diana's POV

after the dinner we decided to hag out at the club. "Jack.i need to go home"i told him "but sis,we just arrived.why so soon?" he asked."i want to sleep."i said with fake yawning. "come'on sis.just tonight k?just ejoy your self."he said.i rolled my eyes and nodded.i hate club.i went into the club.it so noisy!i went to the bar and took a sit "drink?"the waiter ask "you choose."i said "what about i want you?"he asked "what ever"i said.the drink arrived and i took a sips.

i order and order the same drink and now.i'm turn tu drunk.i feel dizzy.everything i see blurr. 

"roaaar!i'm monsta!"i shout.everyone ignore me.i fake scratching my head.then,i laughed.then i screamagain "hakuna matata!!i'm zombiee!runn"

about 5 minute later i feel someone grab my waist.i couldn't help but follow him.then,he laid me on the wall.he start to kiss my neck.i tried to push him but i'm to drunk."get off of me!"i said and try to push him again "get fucking off from her!"i heard a voice.no.it a male voiceno.i Harry..then,he ignore him and continue kissing me.Harry start to angry and puched the man.the man stand up and run to the crowd. "are you okey?"Harry asked.i couldn't help but stare.did he just save me?but why. i thought he hate me."Diana?answer me!"he shouted.everything turn to blurr.my head are heavy and everything went black."Diana!are you okey?"the all voice i heard.



i woke up and see i'm on my bedroom.my head still heavy.i couldn't help but scream.i don't know why i'm screaming.

"woah,Dii.calm down."i heard Jack voice from outside my rood.he open the door. "i'm hugry!but i can't walk.bring me the food." i said like a i'm the queen. 

"Courtney!bring the food up!"Jake shout 

"coming!"she shout back.

"what happen last night?"i ask Jack "wait.you din't remember anything?"he asked.i shook my head "first.you shout like a crazy women.second.you laughed for ain't no reason.third.a man trying to make out with you.fourth.Harry save you..." i cut him "whut?He saved me?"i asked and he nodded.then the food coming. "bye sissy.need to do some work."he said and waved i waved back. "yummy!pancakes.Love it!"i said.i took a bite.it delicious "who make this?"i asked Courtney which was cleaning my room. "Mr Styles i guess"she said

"wait?did he just stay.."she cut "yep"popping the P.

"why"i asked again "you just throw up on him.he doesn't have a clothes to wear and decided to borrow Mr Harries clothes."my eyes wide open.did i just.omg.what a shame!she continue

"he took a shower and then rain rain heavily.and it to danger to drive and Mr Harries ask him to stay."she finish. "where is he now?what about the others?"i ask "they went home first.Mrs Harries car brok and mrs styles decided to sent you guys."she answer.ouh.like that.never know that Hazz a good cooker.

last bite.then i'm finish.and i feel better now.i look at the clocked it almost 12.OMG!i got a photoshoot today.i rushed to the bathroom.

i took out my whit plain t shirt and wear my blue jean.i slipp my black high heel.i brushed my hair and put it into a bun.well,i don't know.i love doing my hair into bun.cause it look cute.i took out my black glassed.

i rushed out from my bedroom and went to my red ferrari.i drived to the studio.

-----at studio------

"you're late 5 minutes."my manager scold me. "is it a big deal?"i said.she rolled her eyes. "just change your outfit already."she said.i went to the closet.and wear a dress that i should wear.the makeup artist put some make up on my face.i went back to my manager.

"Okey,Di.you going to photoshoot with Harry"my eyes wide open.why him.again duh!he went next to me.

"okey.1.2.3 smile"i smiled. "again.Benny!bring the rose!"the manager said.the rose comes and gave it to Harry. "okey,Harry.hold her hand to your chest with rose in it"she said.Harry nodded.i could feel the akward "wait.we're not couple.we shouldn't do that.some paps could make a story with it"i said "now,now Di.this is not a snigle magazine.it couple mag.even thought both of you are not couple."she said.i rolled my eyes.

"okey ready.1.2.3"the photographer said.about 5 more picture we're done.i change to my own clothes.i went to the parking.i saw Harry and i decided to say sorry and thank for last night.

"Harry!"i call heis name out.he turn his head to mine. "yeah?"he asked

"about last night.i just..want to s-say sor-ry and thank you."i said."my pleasure."he said "wait.i need to pay you something."i said.i know it my fault fro throwing up on him. "what bout lunch at nandos?"he asked "okey!"i said excitedly.

some fan just stop us and took some picture and outograf.at nandos we order some random thing.after finish i decided to pay but he said no."No  Harry.i should pay it"i said "no Di.i'm the one who should pay it."he took out money from his walet as i took mine.both of us gave it to the cashier.

"woah guys.calm down.let say i took half from Mr Styles and other half from Mrs Harries."she said.both of us nodded.

"so,Harry.hope see you again."i said "yeah me too"he said.we waved each other and went home.



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