Hermione's shocker

Read if you dare


2. revenge

"Harry you turn that book in now!"

"No this book is awesome"

"Slughorn is favoring you and giving good grades and

everybody else bad grades"

" I don't care this is the first time i have ever gotten an A in

potions before."

I roll my eyes at his snarky remarks

"Fine" yay he gave in to me here comes my A "lets do this, we will go to his office and ask him if he will give us an A"

"Hold up you want me to convince him so you can keep your record for strait As every year "

"Please please please please pllleeeeaaaaassssseeeee?!?!?

"You know sometimes I hate you, but alright since you are my friend." Harry remarked as he got his things and then we went to Slughorn's office.

Once we got there Harry did his normal kiss up thing and tried convincing Slughorn to give me an A.

"Professor, being my favorite teacher and all, would you do me a favor and give my friend hermione and A?" Harry asked.

"Why should I do that?" Slughorn replied.

"Because it would make you an even better more liked teacher and it can just be our little secret. What do you say?" Harry answered.

"Okay fine as long as you agree to join my Slug club and come to all the meetings harry and hermy or whoever you are?"

"Deal and it's hermione sir bye." Hermione replied.

Yes I finally got my revenge.

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