Assassinate Spy

18 year old Faith Prior is an assassin. What happens when she is hired by Simon Cowell to kill famous boy band con artist Harry Styles? It's a hit and run job Faith, just like any other, you can do it, I think to myself as I grab at my gun. It's just a hit and run...


5. Time Flies... Literally...

This chapter is dedicated to 1dlov6781!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Simon and I walk through the crowds to the front of the airport and we walk out the door. He called for a limo that was soon there and we both got in. We sat across from each other, the awkward silence drapes over the quick paced vehicle.

Then he cut the drape, "If you must know I think it was very smart of your boss to sit you next to Harry on the plane. It definitely will work in your favor."

I look at him confused, "why?"

"Because seeing him before you went under cover will make you seem more... Innocent," he answers back.

It's killing me now, I've got to know what he meant by the rest of the mission yesterday. I think he can tell.

"Do you want to know the rest of your mission?" He asks.

"Yes," I say as calmly as I can. I want to know so much!!!

"You are going under cover as a song writer there to help the boys with their new album, they might be against the help at first, but they'll warm up to it," he says, looking me dead in the eye.

"So when do I you know..." I trailed off to grossed by the words.

"Simple," he answers, "once all of the boys and the staff trust you set off this," he says handing me a locket.

It was pink, with a beautiful encrusted leave on the front. When I opened it there was a miniature computer inside and a small button in the center. I immediately knew what it was, it was a bomb, the necklace was a bomb. I put it on quickly as Simon spoke.

"Hit the button at just the right time and Harry will be dead."

"But won't everyone else be dead to?"

"Yes, unfortunately, but Harry's death is more important than a few lives," Simon says coldly.

Wow. Wow. Just wow. He's even more heartless than I thought. It's just sad. It's sick. And this is coming from a girl who has killed 1267 people.

"Might I ask why?"

"Of course. I can't tell you much but-"

Just then something comes flying through the window. After the initial shock I pick it up. It is an alarm clock, with a note attached. I read the note aloud: 'I know what you are up to and I'll be watching. You better hurry up with your little scheme because time flies... Literally.... ;-) -anonymous'

Simon and I look at each other, time's ticking...

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