Assassinate Spy

18 year old Faith Prior is an assassin. What happens when she is hired by Simon Cowell to kill famous boy band con artist Harry Styles? It's a hit and run job Faith, just like any other, you can do it, I think to myself as I grab at my gun. It's just a hit and run...


4. The Plane...

I walked through the airport with a chill running down my spine. This just doesn't feel right, something's off. I clear my head, I can't afford to think like that. I head to the gate. 1D, how ironic. I hand the lady at the entrance my ticket and passport.

The woman looked to be in her mid to late 60s, with silver thinning hair and wrinkly skin. She was a life sized apple head doll.

The older woman handed me back my things and I headed on to the plane. I looked at the ticket, row 1 seat D. Ugh... Is Thomas trying to drive me to the brink of insanity?

That was a trick question, of coarse he is, he just loves to torture me. It's like he lives to torture people. I mean, seriously, get a life nimrod.

I sat down in the seat, first class. Yay! I'm not going to be squished! As the plane gets fuller and fuller no one sits down next to me in seat C. Could I get lucky? Could no one sit next to me?

I spoke to soon. A boy sat down next to me after he put up his bags. He was wearing dark Hollister jeans and a a purple Jack Willis hoodie. A tuff of curly brown stuck out of the hoods edge. I caught a small glimpse of his eyes, sparkling green orbs. Wait... Did I just say curly brown hair, green eyes, and a purple Jack Willis hoodie.

Oh freak no it can't be. Then he said his name, "hello I'm Harry Styles." Heck no this cannot be happening. You mean to tell me that I'm going to to have to sit next to my target for how ever long this stupid plane ride is?

Oh joy. What fun. I mean really. This day just keeps getting better and better. (Note my sarcasm) "and your name is?" He asks. Shoot. Where did I put that dang fake id. Then it hit me, my pocket. I snuck a look at the fake id. "Ah, my name is Toni Backstair," I say. Wow Thomas you really have out done yourself this time.

He leans back in his chair and looks towards me, "odd name for a girl."I answer back calmly, "well I'm an odd person." He chuckled slightly, "yeah well, I'm an odd person too, but my name isn't Cinderella now is it?" I laugh along with him, "okay okay I see your point." After we both calm down he asks, "so what business do you have in London? I mean at least one of us knows that you're American." I smirk, "is it me?" Then we both laugh, "JK, but really I'm getting a new job with Simon Cowell."

Harry's laughter stops. "Oh, you got a tough new boss," he puts his right hand on my left shoulder, "I am so sorry, but on the bright side we might get to see each other." Argh! How am I supposed to kill this boy?! "Yeah, maybe."

{Sorry I'm to lazy to write like 6-10 more hours of their conversation}

I say goodbye to Harry and get off the plane. I walk out front to where you meet people. I stood for awhile before looking at my watch, I have one minute until exactly 24 hours. Ugh... Where is he?!

As if by magic, Simon appeared exactly on the 24 hour mark. "How was the trip here?" He asks. "Ah. Good, a few small storms, nothing big," I say back. "Good, now, follow me to the limo we have a lot to discuss," says Simon walking towards the doors. I follow close behind.

We stand outside a moment as we wait for the limo to come. Suddenly I feel someone's strong grip on my shoulders, it was Harry. Simon whipped his head around, his eyes were dead shark eyes. "I see you've met Harry," he says, he's mad at someone, but I don't know if it's me or Harry. "Yes she has," Harry says giving me kiss on cheek. Simon looked about ready to slap Harry.

One of them will snap eventually, and I don't want to be around when they do...

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