Assassinate Spy

18 year old Faith Prior is an assassin. What happens when she is hired by Simon Cowell to kill famous boy band con artist Harry Styles? It's a hit and run job Faith, just like any other, you can do it, I think to myself as I grab at my gun. It's just a hit and run...


7. The Character of Death...

As I talked to the other boys Liam stood in the back corner of the room eyeing me. He must know something the others don't. He seems suspicious. I stopped listening to the boys' chatter and focused on Liam and he did the same to me. I think he's on to me.

"So Toni, why did Simon pick you to help us write songs?" Liam asks. He's purposely poking at a touchy subject.

I play it cool, "I don't know why, I just do the job."

He looks at me at me again with displeasure. I wouldn't put it past this character to kill me in my sleep.

I better sleep with one I open.

Then Harry steps in, "don't be such a Debby Downer Liam! Come on Toni let's go!" He says taking my hand and leading me out of the room.

Well, at least he trusts me.

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