Assassinate Spy

18 year old Faith Prior is an assassin. What happens when she is hired by Simon Cowell to kill famous boy band con artist Harry Styles? It's a hit and run job Faith, just like any other, you can do it, I think to myself as I grab at my gun. It's just a hit and run...


2. John Prior...

I soon reach the end of the boardwalk. Although, I couldn't stop thinking about Harry and my new mission. What did Simon mean by the rest of the mission? I though that I was just supposed to assassin people, I'm no spy, that's not my job.

I walked out into the parking lot just as a slick black corvette pulls up. A tall built boy with thick curly auburn hair and stunning green eyes is in the drivers' seat. I smiled brightly at him. He was two years older than me, at 20, same age as Harry, and he's my partner in crime. My brother. John Prior, he's been my partner since day one.

When we first started this assassination business he was the distraction to our parent a that got me out of the house. When we started I was 14 and he was 16. We've been doing it ever since. Our parents passed 2 years ago due to a plane crash in the Bermuda Triangle.

It's made work a lot easier because now John can walk me through every mission. Not that in need it of course. John and I both dropped out of school soon after our parents died. Everyone thought that we did it because of our loss, but really it was just so we could work full time.

On the down side sometimes I miss having our parents around. I know John does too, but he stays strong for me. John doesn't talk much, but when he does it always means something. He stays silent until about half way home, when he says, "what's our new mission?"

My heart sank, I had forgotten about the mission, one direction just mean a lot to me I can't even imagine killing one of them. "We have to assassinate Harry Styles," I say plainly hiding my true emotions. "The British singer?" He asks looking like he was about to laugh. I can only nod without tearing up.

He chuckles, "what on earth has Thomas gotten us into this time?" I answer back, "First time In forever I can honestly say I don't know." "Ha your clueless about something that's a first," he hoots. "Shut up John!" I yell punching him playfully on the shoulder blade.

The car lurched, "Ah! John keep your eyes on the road!" I pant, clutching my chest. I feel as if my heart could burst as John continues to drive down the road. "Relax Faith would you?" I want to relax but I just can't. I have 23 hours 6 minutes and 8 seconds until the beginning of Harry's assassination.

By the time that we home I have never been happier to be there. Our house was a medium sized brown with 3 bedrooms. It's somewhat messy because we don't have time to clean it, but it's a roof over our heads.

I tell John I don't want dinner and I go straight to my room. I plop down and from the moment my head touches the I am asleep...

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