Assassinate Spy

18 year old Faith Prior is an assassin. What happens when she is hired by Simon Cowell to kill famous boy band con artist Harry Styles? It's a hit and run job Faith, just like any other, you can do it, I think to myself as I grab at my gun. It's just a hit and run...


6. Harry's turn around...

I Wonder who threw the clock through the window, I thought as I hopped out of the limo at an arena.

It was a huge circular dome with flag poles rising greatly from the stands. They flew in the wind. One Direction! They chanted. The wind howled around me.

I froze to the core as I wrapped my arms around myself. Suddenly someone grabbed my shoulders. My human instincts are screaming at my body to turn around, but my body refuses. I still don't move as the person curled their face around to my ear.

"So we meet again," his deep male voice says soothingly into my ear. I recognized him immediately. Harry Styles.

I whip around, throwing his muscular hands off of me. "Oh, it's you," I say as sigh of relief. "Of coarse, who else would be?" He says with a tone that says I should no this. I honestly could think of a million people that would be a lot worse than Harry right now. Okay, maybe not a million, but definitely no less than 5,000.

He threw his arm back over my shoulder as he led me inside. He showed me around the back parts of the arena. There were all kinds of rooms; dressing rooms, kitchens, warehouses, and even a hall of mirrors. (Obviously for Zayn)

Then he took me to the last room; the song room. He explained that 'this is where all the magic happens.' Or in other words where they wrote songs. He opened the door and there sat four boys.

They all looked curiously at Harry and I then stood up. Liam stuck his hand out, "hello I'm Liam," he says though he knows I know. I extend my hand, "I'm Toni, nice to meet you."

I then greet the rest of the boys and explain why I was there. (Just so they won't get any weird ideas) but I can tell that Liam still doesn't trust me. That could be a major knot in my plans...

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