Why Boys Why ? (A magcon fanfiction)


4. Really ?

Nash's POV

"I like her. I barley met her her but i like her. It's weird! I feel different around her. I get butterflies in my stomach. God i sound so childish. She is just a girl but why do i get so nervous around her. Is it the way her hair flows or her beautiful eyes? whatever it is I like her. " i said to myself.

"Hey where are the Jacks ?" Taylor asked. " They went to go get those girls' numbers and see if we could hang out sometime." Aaron said. "We just met them guys, don't you think this is weird?" Hayes, my annoying little brother, asked . "Relax Hayesie poo , we just want to hang out." Carter answered. "They haven't came back yet?! " Mahogany said as her , Shawn and Matt came out of forever 21 carrying bags. "What did you buy some makeup boys?" Taylor said laughing in their face. "They are Mahogany's bags dumbass." Matt answered in a mad tone. "Did you forget the pads? cause it seems as if you are on your period !" taylor screamed. "Shut up Taylor." matt said trying not to laugh. "I'm gonna go check on the Jacks." i said. "we will all go." everyone said. As we were walking, we saw both of the Jacks on the floor worried with Sandy in their arms. "What happened?!" i asked. "She fainted and she has no pulse.We were just talking and then she just fainted." I got on my my legs and hands shaking and all of a sudden Sandy gets up and shouts " APRIL FOOLS!". Everyone screamed and i don't know if it was them being scared like i was or them laughing. " God don't scare us like that!" Cameron said laughing. "Did you atleast get it on vine ?" Carter asked. "Yup" Lacey said as she came out of the corner laughing. "Sorry i scared you Nash." sandy said looking guilty. "It's okay a prank is not something you should feel bad about. Plus i am going to get you back." i said trying to maintain my cool. "Sure you will." she said. "I am hungryyyy" Aaron complained. " You girls want to go eat with us ?" Shawn politely asked. "We would love to." Lacey quickly answered. "Well let's go." i said. "Fine but you pick since we are terrible at making choices." Lacey said. "Not it !" we all shouted except for Taylor. "awww shoot. i guess we are going to in n out burger again" taylor said laughing. " You keep doing that on purpose !" Carter said. "What can i say ? they are delicious." Taylor said as we laughed.

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