Why Boys Why ? (A magcon fanfiction)


2. Hello NYC !

Lacey's POV

"Here we are !" I said as i took the keys out of the ignition.It was 4 in the afternoon and after a long ride , we had finally gotten to our hotel. It was huge unlike any other hotel i had ever seen. There were thousands of lights,hundreds of floors and about five swimming pools. I guess everything is bigger in New York."I know ! I can't wait till sunday !" Sandy shouted. We decided to get there on friday so we could have two days to get to look around and do some shopping in one of the most beautiful cities before we met the boys.As soon as we got out of the car, there were some bell boys who were ready to help. "He's kind of cute" i whispered into sandy's ear as my eyes darted onto a bell boy with brown hair and hazel eyes. His hair was perfectly shaped into a quiff kind of like how one of my favorite youtubers, Troye Sivan, has it."We just got here and you are already thinking about boys Lacey ?" Sandy asked in a joking way. " I don't know but there is something about him " i said as i tried to stop smiling. They helped us take our luggage to our room which was on the sixtieth floor. I must admit, the boy must have been pretty strong if he had to carry my bags all throughout the elevator ride. " Well here you are ladies" he said as he set set my luggage down. " My name is Jackson and if you need any help carrying your heavy bags, just call reception." he said as his lips curved to make a beautiful smile. "Will do!" said Sandy as she laughed. Once the door closed we looked around . I couldn't believe how pretty the view was! The buildings were beautiful and tall even the fast food restaurants were huge! I was so in awe i didn't even here sandy asking me something. "HELLO EARTH TO LACEY! she said. "Oh sorry what did you say ?" i asked as i got out of my awe moment . "i said , why didn't you ask for his number ! you said there was something about him and the Lacey i know is never shy around boys! You had a perfect opportunity!" she practically shouted. "I wasn't shy , i just didn't want to bother him while he was working !" i lied. I was so shy i did not know what to say so i just smiled and stood there like an idiot! "Sure Lace " Sandy joked. "Forget about it and lets go see NYC" i said trying to get the attention off of my embarrassing moment. "you know i am always up for shopping especially in NEW YORK!" she said as we left the room.

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