Why Boys Why ? (A magcon fanfiction)


3. Boys, Shopping,BOYS

Sandy's POV

After Lacey had a once in a lifetime embarrassing moment with the bell boy , we decided to go shopping! Our first stop had to be Forever 21. We saw so many sales we wanted to take everything but ended up buying 50 dollars worth of clothes each.For two eighteen year old girls who have an obsession with clothes, that was not a lot. I bought a tan belt, a floral maxi dress ,a bright cross body bag, and of course black pumps. Lacey bought two crop tops, high waisted pleather shorts, a bikini and an adorable pajama set.It was a great way for us to forget about that little moment. As we made our way to Urban Outfitters, my jaw dropped. It was them. They were here. I was seeing them in person. "Lacey , look over there where American Apparel is. tell me you see the same thing i do." i said. "it's them!" she said with a crack in her voice. I knew it was them because i looked deep into Nash Grier's crystal blue eyes. I couldn't believe that i was so close to them. "Sandy, they are coming towards us. Stop starring!" Lacey said discreetly. "Can you please tell me where forever 21 is since these morons don't know how to read maps?" Mahogany asked in a joking way. "um yeah it's right over there" Lacey said. "Before you go, do you mind if my friend and i take a picture with you guys ?" Lacey asked. I couldn't believe she didn't freeze in her place like i did ! "Sure, the boys and i wouldn't mind, would we boys ?" mahogany asked. "No of course not !" Cameron said. "And we definitely don't mind taking pictures with beautiful girls." Carter said under his breath. We all took one big group picture. "SELFIE!" we all said. "You girls seem pretty cool, what hotel are you staying at ?" Matt asked. "The peninsula, what about you guys ?" Lacey asked. "We are too!" They answered back. "Well hope we see each other around" Jack J and Jack G said. "Yeah hope we do!" Lacey said. Lacey kept talking to them and i was just quiet the whole time. Well at least i wasn't the only one. Nash seemed pretty quiet himself. "what's your name ?" Nash managed to ask. I thought he was talking to Lacey but once i turned i realized i was wrong. "Sandy" the word spat out of my

mouth. "It was really nice to meet you , i hope we get the chance to hang out." Nash said as he turned bright red and left. "yeah i hope we do." i said as i waved goodbye. I couldn't believe it. I had just met the Magcon family and talked to Nash Grier.

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