My Blue Ball

You get one toy. One thing to keep you busy as a kid. Girls usually choose dolls or stuffed animals. Boys usually choose fake guns or footballs and baseballs. Me, I chose a blue ball. For 12 years that was all I had to play with. I'm turning 16 in a week. 16 is the age when all kids must move out and get a job. I am a week away from becoming an adult. I should be happy right? I finally get to do whatever I want. If only that were the case. I thought my childhood was bad, but I was not prepared me for this. No one is. Now I must go through training. If you don't pass then you die. I have never been strong or built. Smart. That is my secret weapon. Hopefully it can keep me alive.


2. Passing The Time

             I return home a few hours later. As I walk up the sidewalk to my house I see my dad's car is back. Either he came home early or my mom called him. Great. As I walk up my driveway I hear voices. I walk up to the door and sling it open. The voices stop and both of my parents turn to look at me.

             "Rosy I've been so worried," she rushes toward me and holds me to her.

             "I told you I would be back later. Look I'm going to go to my room for awhile."

             "You've been gone all day. Aren't you hungry? I made your favorite," she smiles sweetly. To be honest I am starving. I do love her fried chicken and rice. She doesn't make it often though. Too much calories and carbs.

              "I am hungry," I admit.

              "Come sit," she pulls me down the hallway to the kitchen. I take a seat along with my father who hasn't said a word yet. I have a feeling they are fighting about something. My mother brings me over a huge plate that consists of 2 pieces of fried chicken, a large portion of rice and mashed potatoes, and a little smaller portion of green beans. I dig in filling my mouth with the wonderful tastes of the meal. Once I am done I only have a half a piece of chicken left, a spoonful of rice and mashed potatoes, and 2 green beans. At first I thought my mom just made me a big plate because it was favorite, but now that I think back she made me a big breakfast too. It's almost like she is trying to fatten me up. Like I might need the extra weight. Which is ridiculous. I do not need to gain weight. Unless I may not eat for awhile. Oh my god. This has something to do with me becoming an adult. They wont feed me while I am I am fighting an taking test. Or not very much at least.

                "Thank you for the incredible meal mother. I'm tired from my walk. I'll be up in my room in if you need me," I stand up and walk over to the trash. I dump the rest of my food in the trash and put my plate in the sink. Then I head up stairs without another word.




              My next few days are spent eating extremely large amounts of food, writing in my journal, sleeping, and walking around town. There is not much else to do, but pass my time as I wait for my doom. My parents are busy planning my party, but I can tell my mother is worried. My dad too, but he will not let it show like my mother. I guess mother has always been the one that got emotional and my dad was one to keep her from falling apart. I am so bored. That is something I have always said as a kid. I am bored or I am very bored or I am so bored. With only a blue ball to play with it is very common. I open up my journal and look at an entry in the middle of the book.

               June 8, 2067

              Today is my 15th birthday. I am one year away from moving out and getting to enjoy my life. I wish it wasn't a year away... I guess I will just have to try and keep myself busy. Mother says that I should live in the present not the future. She says I should not dream to be older or else I will get so caught up in the future that I will forget to live my life. I think she just doesn't want me to grow up.

               We are always off school on my birthday so there is never anything to keep me busy. My blue ball is not the same as it used to be. I no longer want to play with it. I would much rather be doing more useful things than playing with a worn out blue ball. I don't even think it has a name. Its just a medium sized, blue, bouncy ball. Nothing special. Some of the girls used to make fun of me because I had a ball like some of the boys, but I didn't care. Who would want to spend their childhood playing with a stupid doll. Having tea parties and playing house. Its a stupid waste of time.

                Well I have to go now. I want to write down what happens later so that I will always remember what my 15th birthday was like. Goodbye for now.



                                                       Rosy xoxo


                  Man I've come so far in 1 year. Its hard to believe that I wrote that. I shut the journal and put it back in my drawer. I lay back in my bed and close my eyes. I slowly drift to sleep with the memory of that birthday fresh on my mind.

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