My Blue Ball

You get one toy. One thing to keep you busy as a kid. Girls usually choose dolls or stuffed animals. Boys usually choose fake guns or footballs and baseballs. Me, I chose a blue ball. For 12 years that was all I had to play with. I'm turning 16 in a week. 16 is the age when all kids must move out and get a job. I am a week away from becoming an adult. I should be happy right? I finally get to do whatever I want. If only that were the case. I thought my childhood was bad, but I was not prepared me for this. No one is. Now I must go through training. If you don't pass then you die. I have never been strong or built. Smart. That is my secret weapon. Hopefully it can keep me alive.


1. Birthday

                 One week. Just one week until my birthday. Now more playing with a little blue ball. I'm going to be 16. An adult. I smile at the thought. I sit up in my bouncy bed. I go to my wardrobe, a huge, oak wood cabinet with 2 doors. I pick out an outfit that consists of some tight fitting jeans, a fancy purple blouse, and black flats. This outfit is nicer than what I usually wear, probably the nicest thing I own, but I feel like I have to act more... mature. My parents haven't told me anything about when they first became an adult, but it must have been great. I finally get to do whatever I want. All on my own.

              I walk to my small private bathroom and look in the mirror. My dark blonde hair hangs in loose curls around my face. My light blue eyes shine with excitement. I grab my gold colored brush and run it through my hair. The blonde strands fall down to my lower back. I've always wanted to cut it, but my mother always said she liked it long, so I didn't cut it. Maybe when I move out. I take one last look at the mirror and head down stairs. I walk in the kitchen to find my mother making eggs, sausage, toast, and hashbrowns. The smell of the food fills my nose. I sigh and sit down at the table.

              "Well don't you look wonderful," she says sweetly giving me a smile.

              "Where is father?"

              "He had to go to work early. He'll be home around 4,' she brings over 2 plates and takes a seat beside me.


              "So, I've been needing to talk to you."

              "About what?" I ask.

              "Your birthday," her face is suddenly serious. Her blue eyes are strained and her forehead is wrinkled. Her light blonde hair is streaked with gray. For once she looks old.

              "Oh yes I'm excited."

              "Look I'm not supposed to tell you this until your actual birthday, but you can keep a secret right?"

              "Of course," I reply.

              "Well for one you are going to be an adult," this I already knew. "But... you have to go through this test. If you fail... then you are executed," this I did not know.

              "W-what do you mean," I stammer.

              "They have you fight and take test to determine how smart you are. They don't want weaklings and people who aren't smart. You aren't strong, but you are smart. So you'll be fine, but watch out. Listen to what they say. They hate people who don't listen, who back talk, who don't cooperate. You cant tell anyone I told you this. Not even your father. Got it?" I have never seen my mother like this. She looks so devious.

               "So you're saying they could kill me if I'm not good enough," I almost choke. I'm going to die. I'm not even going to be able to become an adult.

               "No... yes but you'll be fine. I know you," she insists.

               "I- I have to go. I'll be back later," I push my chair back and walk to the front door.

               "Rosy! Wait!" she calls.

               "Later!" I call back.

                Great. Just when I thought life was going to get better it does the exact opposite. I could die in a week. I walk down the sidewalk, past houses upon houses. My childhood was bad, but dying will be much worse. My mother thinks I will be able to survive, but I'm not so sure. I don't know who "they" are that my mom were talking about, but I don't think they sound very nice. Especially if they are willing to kill innocent 16 years olds. Suddenly my birthday doesn't sound so good anymore.


             Hey guys. So I know this is a short first chapter, but I wanted to see what you think before I delve into it. So comment what you think or like and favorite it. Thank you! :)


                                  xoxo dauntless123 (Samantha)

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