Based on the ALIEN movies, comics and various other media forms, and aimed at people who have at least seen the movies. After years without contact with the ALIEN menace, a research base on LV-639 discover a Hive deep beneath the planet's surface. Preferring to illegally study the Hive rather than report it, the researchers unwittingly release the creatures on the universe again...and this time they don't plan to lose.


1. Prologue: Enemy Eliminated

Prologue: Enemy Eliminated

In the year 2185 the Alien race that had been encountered by Ellen Ripley on LV-426 was declared extinct, following Ripley’s sacrifice to kill an Alien Queen gestating inside her on the prison planet of Fiorona 161.

In subsequent decades further Xenomorph Hives were discovered throughout the galaxy, most of which developed due to exposure from Human colonisation. These encounters were quickly put down, and by 2250 the Xenomorph race was once again declared extinct.

Two hundred years after Ripley’s sacrifice, the Xenomorph race was cloned, along with Ripley, on the USM Auriga. The intention was to create a bio-weapon that could be used by the Human race as it travelled further and further out in space. The attempt spawned a new form of the Alien that shared more characteristics with humans than their predecessors.

These clones were also wiped out when the USM Auriga collided with Earth, wiping out a great deal of life on the planet, and finally wiping out the Xenomorphs.

Following these events, the planetary colonies were left largely to their own devices for some time until, in the year 2412, the Weyland-Yutani Company re-emerged on a number of colonies, promising to lead Humanity into a new Golden Age.

The colonies, desperate for leadership, believed this promise, and Weyland-Yutani became the leading force of Humanity in all but name. Science became the priority across the galaxy.

Eventually a proper government formed, and Weyland-Yutani was able to focus on its research, almost unhindered. No one remembered its suspicious, and frankly illegal, activities of the past centuries.

There was knowledge of the Xenomorph menace, though this knowledge had become myth…

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