What you left behind

Ella Grayson fell in love with Harry 7years ago and found out about 5 years ago she. Was having his child.Or later as she found out,children.She didn't tell Harry about their girls Darcy and Rose so that he could go on with him future of being in music and fame.Louis,Niall,and Zayn are the only ones that know.But what will happen when the boys come to England again for their break?will romance be In the air?will Harry fought out about his children?Will Ella keep it from him?Read on to figure it out


4. Lou's visit

"El,Elly! Is that you!?"someone called me from a distance.it looked kinda like Louis.

"LOU!?"I yelled.we had become like best friends since the last time I say time.We facetimed and he sent the girls gifts.He blew his head of when the girls called him Uncle Lou.

I ran up to him and hugged him"OMG Louis what are u doing here!? Wait are u the only one here?im kinda not in the mood to tell u know who about his kids in a playground"

"We came to visit and I remembered how u and the girls always come here so here I am!And yes I'm the only one here,The rest of the mates are watching a movie.I may have snuck out.Now where are the girls!"he said and I pointed to the swing sets

"OMG their so big!"he said skipping away to them.That boy can be such a child sometimes.

I run over to the girls and when they see Lou my ears were in so much pain"UNCLE LOU!!!!!!!!!!"Darcy and Rose yelled hugging Louis.

"We missed u"they told him but not yelling this time,thank god!

"Aww I missed u guys too"he said squishing their cheeks."hey girls why dont u play for a while,so I can talk to your mommy"He said

"Ok uncle Lou"the girls said in union.

We go for a walk and stop at these benches not far away."so,the girls are almost 5 right?"he said sitting down."yea,why?"I replied

"Well don't u think it would be a GREAT birthday present if u would tell them who their dad is...?Maybe even have them meet their dad..?louis said

"No,I wouldn't.because that would mean Harry would know he had kids!Ok I'll explain thing to u more clear.How many weeks or months do u have off?"I ask looking at him while he ties his shoes like a little boy.

"We get like 1 month and 2 weeks"he answered my question."well if I was to tell the girls on their bday about their dad next month then Harry would have to meet them and he would only have a week and a half to be with them.And If he's still the same Harry the was when he left then he'll want more time so he will stay and if he stays he can't go on tour with u guys!!!!"I explain why I have my reasons for not telling Harry nor the girls

"Oh"he said"well Elly do u still live in the same place so I can visit u tomorrow too cause I really should get back to the boys before they sent a search party after me"

"Yea sure"I say.i give him a hug and he runs away yelling"I'm a white little boy and I'm proud!".that boy...

Niall's POV:

Where's Louis?he should be back by now.He told me to keep everyone busy cause he was gonna go visit Elly and the gurls.

Someone's knocking on my door.Maybe it's Louis.

"Ella what are u doing here?!?"I whisper so no one can hear me"I dropped the girls off with my friends Natalia and Nikki.I have to see Harry in person,at least once.Come on Niall can't u figure out a way so that I can see Harry but he can see me?Plz Nialler!PLZ!"Elly begs.

"Fine,but not today.Come back tomorrow at 4:36 Sharp!Not a minute later!Thats when Harry gets into the shower.Its should give us enough time to get u a way so that can happen.Bye see u Tomorrow el!"I say closing the door.

It wasn't rude.It was doing what Louis said.When we came here 2 days ago,Louis told me that it was Ella's wish that Harry wouldn't know about the girls and that she didn't want him anywhere near her house or anywhere he might see them.

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