What you left behind

Ella Grayson fell in love with Harry 7years ago and found out about 5 years ago she. Was having his child.Or later as she found out,children.She didn't tell Harry about their girls Darcy and Rose so that he could go on with him future of being in music and fame.Louis,Niall,and Zayn are the only ones that know.But what will happen when the boys come to England again for their break?will romance be In the air?will Harry fought out about his children?Will Ella keep it from him?Read on to figure it out


11. just the girls

Nati and Nikki get ready,then we get in the car

This was gonna be so much fun.just like old times when I didn't have the girls all to my self

We drive to the spa.But Nikki notices that her ex was there and make us leave.So close.

"So wat are we gonna do?"I ask sitting in the car,Nati said she would drive this time

"We can have a sleep over and have movies and popcorn and candy and we can have girl talks and then we can watch sad movies to cry our eyes out"Nikki said happily cheering

"So back to your place then"

"Let me call Harry to tell him he has to watch the girls tonight"


H-oh hey Elly

E-hey hazza,you mind if you and Lou watch the girls tonight?me,Nikki,and nati are having an old fashion sleepover.

H-yea sure love,have fun

E-thx Harry

H-Love you

E-love you too

H-oh I was talking to the cake but I love u too El


Nikki and nati in union-Passs the beeer I wanna get drunk

E-shut up guys

H-what was that

E-them bein idiots

I think Lou-Hi Ella!!

E-hi Louis!!

Lou-miss you!!!


L-see ya tomorrow bye,Harry's tell me to stop talkin

E-bye Lou,bye Harry

Louis is like a little boy."that was one longgg convo"nati says as we walk into their apartment

"Yea yea"

"So wat are you doing for the girls bday next week? You do know Harry leaves the week after their birthday right?"the both say finishing each other's sentences,kinda like how Darcy and Rose do

"I don't know yet,and yea I know Harry leaves the week after."

"What movie are we watching? Cause I vote the vow"Nikki said

"I second that vote"nati says."and I thirden the vote or how ever you would say that"I say laughing

"The vow it is"Nikki says putting the cd in while nati and me get the popcorn and snacks

We sat there eatting,watching movies,and talking all night long.I haven't had a full day to just me and my best friends in I would say like 5 years

We woke up in the morning and I ate some waffles and ran out the door.I missed my girls.

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