What you left behind

Ella Grayson fell in love with Harry 7years ago and found out about 5 years ago she. Was having his child.Or later as she found out,children.She didn't tell Harry about their girls Darcy and Rose so that he could go on with him future of being in music and fame.Louis,Niall,and Zayn are the only ones that know.But what will happen when the boys come to England again for their break?will romance be In the air?will Harry fought out about his children?Will Ella keep it from him?Read on to figure it out


12. home

"MOMMY!!"Darcy and Rose yelled as I walked through the door.I gave them a tight hug

I walk over to Harry and he grabs my waist and stares into my eyes "u have a nice night,love?"he says as I look into his beautiful eyes

"Yeah,I haven't had a full night with them since the girls were born.Thanks Harry"I thanked him and then slowly kissing him.

"I missed you so much,love.Never leave me again."he smiled as we're nose to nose.

"I missed You too Harry.I could never spend another day without you"I said giving him one last hug and running over to the girls as they watched their shows on the television.

"So did u guys have fun with daddy and uncle Lou?"I asked sitting next to them.

"Yea!uncle Lou fell on his face in the bouncy house!"they laughed at Lou

"U took them to a bouncy house?I didn't know the mall had one of those"I asked wondering

"About that..."Harry said nervously.

"harry! Don't tell me u bought them a bouncy house! Where the heck did u fit that?!"I said now angry.Trying not to curse infront of the girls

"In the backyard...."Harry said quietly.

I ran over to the back glass door and opened the curtain to find a gigantic bouncy house.Oh lord!

"Harry!u can't just buy the girls watever comes to their minds!And specially not without tell me!"I yelled

"Come on Ella don't over react about this,it was just one little thing!"Harry said trying to calm me down

"Little?!Its humongous!U are not spoiling our kids Harry!Sure I love that u like to buy them stuff but they will not become spoiled just because their dad's famous and rich!!"I yelled

"I'm not spoiling them El,I'm was trying to make up for all the years i missed by spending some extra time with them and buying them a few things.I promise next time I won't even think about buying it before telling u,love"he said looking me into the eyes

"Ok I guess I can let it go but u better keep that promise Harold"I sighed and let him rap his arms around me.

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