What you left behind

Ella Grayson fell in love with Harry 7years ago and found out about 5 years ago she. Was having his child.Or later as she found out,children.She didn't tell Harry about their girls Darcy and Rose so that he could go on with him future of being in music and fame.Louis,Niall,and Zayn are the only ones that know.But what will happen when the boys come to England again for their break?will romance be In the air?will Harry fought out about his children?Will Ella keep it from him?Read on to figure it out


9. can't be mad

A weeks past since Harry found out about the girls.He's come over with Lou almost everyday.I love the way he's so sweet to the girls.Its their birthday in 2 weeks and I'm so excited.Louis always buys the cutest presents for Rose and Darcy.Last year he got each of them one of the small cars that moves around and they can fit inside it,and tops that he said that since he couldn't actually be there he got the girls a life size poster of him.ha! I still don't know where I put that.

"El,why do u have a life-size poster of Louis?"Harry asked confused and me lou ran towards the room he was in.

"Oh yea I remember that!"Lou yelled."can't believe u kept that!"he yelled hugging me so tight I wouldn't breath.

"Umm Louis mind letting me go now"I say in between breaths and he lets me go.

"Still can't believe U've known all this time and still didn't tell me!"Harry said to Lou."what did I do!We promised Ella we wouldn't"Louis responded

"We,who's we?"Harry asked confused sitting down with the girls as they play.

"Oh she didn't mention that she told me,Niall,and Zayn when we came like 3 years ag.."he was cut of by me kicking him from behind so that harry can't see.

"Really???all 3 of you knew and none of u even mentioned it?!"Harry yelled covering the girls ears as they giggle.

"You have to remember what I told u Harry,she said specifically 'Plz Don't Tell Harry' "lou replied

"Louis dear go to the kitchen and eat a carrot or cookie or something please" I told him as nicely as I would.

"Harold you can't be so upset"I sat and played with the girls

"But why not?You told all 3 of them,but still I didn't know I was a dad till last week"he said looking up from the toys and looking at me

"Harry I thought it was best if you didn't know,that's all I have to say about the matter"I say

"Girls come on let's go eat before Louis eats all the carrots and cookies!"I say and the girls run off.

"I love you,and at least u know now I wasn't even planning on telling you ever,you should be thanking Louis not yelling at him"I said kissing Harry and walking to the girls.

Harry's Pov:

Man,she was right.I shouldn't be mad at Louis.He did tell me,he was just respecting Ella.

El says their best friends but idk I get kinda jealous that he's always near her.

I walk over to the girls."Hey Darce&Rosy.That kinda sound like a tv show but anyway how about I take u guys to the mall and u guys can get some toy and whatever you guys like.But only if your mom says yes"I say and we looking at Ella for permission.

"Ugh fine,go ahead just stop with the puppy eyes!"she said smiling.

"Yay!lets go!"Louis yelled."Lou...ugh never mind just get in the car mate.Sometimes I swear your just like a 5 year old"I say

"Imma pretend I didn't hear that"Lou said skipping off to the car.Weird little boy.

"Ella,what are you gonna do while we're gone?Cause if u want u can come"I said to her

"I'll call Natalia and Nikki and we can go to the spa and relax.I haven't had a break in 4 years!bye love"She said kissing me

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