the family

This is the story of Elsa after the movie Frozen. She has a family now. I don't want to say too much, though. You'll just have to read too find out what happens in Elsa's family life.


10. Giving Birth

Elsa's P.O.V.

"Kai, I'm scared," I told Kai.

"You're going to be okay. You already gave birth to one just a few years ago."

"Yeah, but what if it's not like Luke's birth? What if something different happens this time? What if I die?"

Kai's P.O.V.

What Elsa asked me struck me like a hammer.

What if she really was going to die?

I couldn't say it so I just said, " Elsa, you're going to be fine."

"I'll take your word for it then," said Elsa.

Elsa's P.O.V.

"Okay, when I say push, you'll push. Okay," said the doctor.

"This is it," said Kai.

"1...2...3... okay, PUSH!!!"

I pushed as hard as I could.


I pushed harder this time.

"Okay. One more time, come on. You can do it."


My scream echoed through the room. Then, I heard a cry fill the room. I'd given birth to yet another baby.

"Have you thought of a name for her?"


"Yes, well, didn't you know it was going to be a girl? I guess you Don't have a name for her yet, then," said the doctor.

Before I could say anything, Kai stood up and said, " why don't we name her Crystal?"

I thought about it for a second before answering, " why not?"

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