Fifty days with Niall Horan

' Congrats! You're one of the lucky winners to spend whole fifty days with the one and only, Niall Horan '

Hi, my name is Tessa Gilbert. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, and I'm from London.

I entered this contest with many others, and the price was to spend fifty days with Niall Horan, now... Who wouldn't enter it?
Now, I didn't think I was actually going to win!


5. Day 5



Today I woke up by someone jumping in my bed. Niall. 

' Oh my god! What do you want this early! ' I yelled and throwed a pillow at him. He laughed.

' Early my a**! I've been on the interview, made dinner and now you're still in bed sleepyhead!' Niall laughed, how long had I been asleep? I looked at the time, it was 6 in the afternoon. damn. 

' And why didn't you wake me up before? ' I asked looking at wide awake Nialler. 

' Nah, why should I? Common. I made dinner, like I said. ' Niall said. 

' Can I take a shower first? ' I asked, he nodded.
' Yeah. But hurry if you want food, I'll eat it all if you're taking too long. ' Niall said, I jumped out of the bed and grabbed some clothes and in to the bathroom, I could hear Niall laugh, then the steps led downstairs. 

I took of the clothes I had slept in and got in the shower and did the shower thing. When I was done I got dressed again with new clothes. Then I put my hair up in a ponytail and walked downstairs, hoping there was food left. Which it was. 

' FREAZE AND GIVE ME FOOD! ' I yelled, which made Niall jump in his seat and drop whatever he held, I cried of laughter. 
' Freaking jesus, dont do that! ' Niall said walking over to me and started to tickle me. I laughed. I couldn't stop. 
' Niall! .... Sto-stop! Stoop! ' I said between laughs. 

He stopped and just stared at me and smiled. Why can't he just kiss me already! 
He slowly leaned in and..... KNOCK KNOCK. 

' Are you freaking kidding me... ' Niall said, I took his head closer to mine. 
' Let's pretend we're not here! ' I said, I was going to kiss him.. But he pulled away. 
' As tempting as that sounds, you know we can't do that. Hold on. ' Niall said and got of me and walked to the door. I sighed and listened. 

' Oh my god! You are Niall Horan! You live here!! Oh my god! ' I heard a girl yell. 
' Yeah, how are you? ' Niall said, he sounded so happy.
' I'm really good! ' the girl answered. 
' That's good. I need to go now! Im sorry, it was nice to meet you! ' Niall said. I decided I should get up and sit down in the livingroom so I did.

I heard them say goodbye and soon Niall came walking in to the livingroom.

' You're so nice to them ' I said smiling at him.

' Of course. ' he answered and sat down beside me.

' Eat. ' He said smiling at me. I got up and walked to the kitchen and got food. 

After eating crazy much and getting the plate on the kitchen, I sat down again next to Niall and we had another glass of vine today as well. 

A couple of hours later, I 'tried' to go to the bathroom. 
Niall took my hand, and pulled me down. 
' Don't leave me. ' Niall said. 
' I was just going to the toile- ' 
' No! You're staying here! ' Niall said and leaned closer to my face. I was preparing for someone or something to interupt. Which didn't happen. 

He leaned in until our lips met. I definatly felt fireworks and all that. It was amazing.
We started to move our lips in sync and he held around my waist and I held around his neck. Now I really didn't want to go to the toilet. 
Niall backed away and took a deep breath, like he forgot to breath or something.

' You should sleep in my room tonight, baby. ' Niall said, and oh my god. When he called me baby, my heart skipped a beat.. 

' Yeah. I will. ' I said and kissed him again. It went a bit far this time. 

' Wow, maybe we should slow down. I'm getting... You know.. ' Niall said and made me laugh.

' Yeah, I know. I'm tired again, I wanna go to bed. ' I said and dragged him with me. 

' No funny buisness! ' Niall said in this 'daddy' voice.

' No. No funny buisness! ' I repeated and walked upstairs. I layed down in the bed and waited for Niall. But.. I suddenly just fell asleep while waiting.

I woke up again when Niall took his arms around me, I turned around and cuddled into him. 
' I'm so happy you'll sleep in here with me tonight. ' Niall whispered. I'm too sleepy to even answer, so I just nodded. 
' Are you that sleepy, babe? ' Niall laughed, I nodded again. 
' Fine, I'll let you sleep. Goodnight. ' Niall said again and kissed my forehead. I cuddled even closer if that's even possible. Then I fell asleep again in Niall's arms.D

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