Fifty days with Niall Horan

' Congrats! You're one of the lucky winners to spend whole fifty days with the one and only, Niall Horan '

Hi, my name is Tessa Gilbert. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, and I'm from London.

I entered this contest with many others, and the price was to spend fifty days with Niall Horan, now... Who wouldn't enter it?
Now, I didn't think I was actually going to win!


4. Day 4


I woke up because of the sunshine in my face, I stood up in the couch and looked at the time. It was 10:01am. Niall has left, and I'm alone. What to do! 

I decided to call my bestfriend Ashley, but she didn't pick up. So I left an text. 

- Hey, where are yoou? I need company today. Meet me at starbucks! 

I sent the text and headed upstairs to the room I was suppose to sleep in, I took a shower and got dressed and did my make-up. Then I left for starbucks. 

When I got there, Ashley still hadn't replied my text. I just sat there all by myself for about like an hour without any replies. I decided I'd just take a walk in the park. 

When I had walked around in circles in the park for almost two hours, just waiting for someone to text me or anything, the clock was 14:10 and I finally got a text. 

- So sorry, I didn't see your message until now. I'm at the park right now, I'll meet you there. 

- I'm at the park as well, I think I can see you. 


                                                    This is Ashley ( Indiana Evans )

I started walking towards the familiar girl with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, just like mine. When I got to her, I hugged her and she hugged back quickly. 

' Hey, how's it going? I heard you won the fifty days with Niall? ' Ashley asked. She wasn't one of those fan's who started screaming when I told her, she took it really well. 

' It's great. I think I actually like him... ' I said, and Ashley whistled.

' Where is he now? I need to tell him that if he hurt you, I hurt him. ' Ashley said being the protective bestfriend she always is. I laughed. 

' He's at a interview. And he doesn't know I like him so shut it. ' I said smiling. She shaked her head.

' I'm going to tell him sooner or later, Tessie! ' Ashley said. ( Tessie is Tessa's nickname. )

' No, you're not! shut up about it. ' I said more serious this time. She nodded.

' Fine. You've got to tell him yourself though. ' She said walking past me with her head held high. I promise you, when she does that, she looks like a queen or something.

' Are you coming, slowie? ' She said turning around I nodded and hurried over to her. 

' So, what's up with you anyway? Any boyfriends you're not telling me about? ' I asked, she started to laugh because she knew I was joking, she tells me basically EVERYTHING.

' I wanna meet him sometime though. ' Ashley said. I giggled.

' Who wouldn't? ' I answered and kept on walking. 

After just talking about everything, I got a text. We both knew it was Niall, cus I barely get text's from others then Ashley.

- Hey. We're done now, a bit earlier. Ask your friend to come home with you, at my place of course. The lads are coming with me as well, see you there soon. 

' He wants us two to come to his place to meet the band, you in? ' I asked Ashley, she smiled widely. 

' Of course, let's go! ' She yelled and then we started to walk back home. 

When we got home there was a big van in front of the house, that ment they've gotten here before us. I just opened the door slowly, because we had decided to scare the hell out of them all. When we closed the door again, they all were talking so freaking loud! I couldn't hear my own thoughts. 

' Ok, we just walk in there and jump in to the livingroom, their going to jump. ' I whispered to Ashley, she nodded and then we jumped into the livingroom, but we failed. None of them even moved an inch. 

' Good try, but we heard you when you entered the house. ' Harry laughed and stood up and walked over to us. 

' I'm Harry Styles. ' He said hugging both of us. 

' We know. ' we said at the same time. 

' Are you two twins or something? ' Harry suddenly asks, and we burst out laughing. 

' No! ' I said between my laugh. 

' You actually look alike! ' Louis said and came over as well, followed by the rest. 

We got a hug from everyone, and yes. Niall as well, he actually grabbed my bum. I glared at him.

' What? Never wear a tight shorts, It's to tempting, babe. ' Niall said and I just laughed, but inside I'm freaking out. He called me babe! Jealous? just kidding, haha.

' We buyed food, are you hungry? ' Liam asked and clapped his hands together. I nodded. 

' So much, god. Give me fooood! ' I yelled and looked up a the roof. I don't know why... 

' See, this is why I dig this girl. ' Niall said and pointed at me. I could feel Ashley staring at me and giving me a look that said ' He likes you ' Which is why I didn't look at her.  

' Let's watch a movie while we eat! ' Louis said. I nodded.

' Can we watch Chuckie?! I love that doll. ' Ashley said and looked up at the roof like I did a moment ago. I nodded in agreement. 

' Yeah. We should see that one! ' Niall said and smiled at me. Aw, his smile melts me everytime. 

Ashley and I cleaned up the livingroom and placed a lot of pillows on the floor and in the couch while the boys made the dinner. Which we made them do. 

After making everything ready, and the food was made we sat down infront of the tv.
Ashley, Harry, Niall and I in the couch, Zayn, Louis and Liam on the floor fighting over the place in the middle.

As we started the movie everyone was silent, the only thing you could hear was the tv, and people eating on food. 

In the middle of the movie Harry got up and hurried to the toilet, it looked like he danced.
That's when Ashley whispered ' He's so hot. ' in my ear. 
' You should make a move. ' I whispered back. 
Suddenly a hand went around me, and it was Niall's. 

I looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back. But he wasn't looking at me. Funny lad.. 

When Harry came back, I noticed that he looked somehow different, he probably did something with his hair to look better to Ashley. He winked at her, I saw it! So cute.. They would actually be a great couple.. ( A/N Harry Styles and Indiana Evans? hmm, that rings a bell, oh. After! ) 

After eating and watching the movie, Ashley went back home, and we decided she would come back tomorrow if she had time. 

Everyone else left, and now it was only me and Niall. 

' So, I owe you a drink. ' Niall suddenly whispers in my ear. Oh, that's true. 

' Yeah, you do. ' I said laughing. He took two vine bottles from a bag and showed me them.

' Which one first? ' He asked, I just pointed at one of them.
Then he opened it and took some of it in this pretty glass. Then he handed it to me.
I tasted it, and it wasn't even that good, vine isn't my thing..

' Not that good, huh? ' Niall laughed, I shaked my head. 

Suddenly out of nowhere he took my glass and throwed the vine out and took the other bottle and then gave me the glass. I tasted it, and this one actually tasted really good. 

' Better? ' he asked, I nodded. 

' Good. ' He said and just stared at me. 

After alot of staring, and talking about our different lives, he suddenly got up.

' Can I have this dance? ' He suddenly asks, the song that was playing was Gone too soon by Daughtry. 

I nodded and took his hand. He pulled me really close very quickly, I stared to laugh and tried to stand up straight. I know I only drank vine, but little me can't handle much before I get a bit wasted.. 

He held my waist and I took my arms around his neck and just looked at him while we just walked over the floor, none of us could really dance.

' You're eyes are really blue! ' I said laughing, he nodded.

' Yours too! ' He answered. Then both of us went completely silent. 

Suddenly he leaned down, and he was actually about to kiss me, but his phone started to ring, he went to pick it up. 

' Hello? Yeah. Tomorrow? Do I have to? Fine. yeah, bye. ' Niall hanged up and sighed.
' I have to go to bed, new interview tomorrow, even earlier... So, I need the sleep. I'll see you tomorrow. ' Niall said and kissed my forehead. Couldn't he just kissed me on the lips, like he was about to? 

I decided I would go to bed myself. I walked in to my room and put on some comfy clothes to sleep in, then I layed down on the bed and just stared at the ceiling. 
I was almost asleep when I got a text.

- We'll finish what we were about to do tomorrow, sorry xx :) 

I literally laughed, cus I knew he felt bad. 

- haa, It's ok. Goodnight x 

After that I fell asleep pretty quick.


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