Fifty days with Niall Horan

' Congrats! You're one of the lucky winners to spend whole fifty days with the one and only, Niall Horan '

Hi, my name is Tessa Gilbert. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, and I'm from London.

I entered this contest with many others, and the price was to spend fifty days with Niall Horan, now... Who wouldn't enter it?
Now, I didn't think I was actually going to win!


3. Day 3



Today I woke up because of my alarm clock, I thought. It was actually ringing. 

' Hello? ' I said with my sleepy voice.
' Get up sleepyhead! We're going on a picnic! I've made it all ready! I'll be there in 5. GET UP ' Niall said and hanged up.

I jumped out of the bed and put on some clothes and took on a little bit mascara cus that was all I had time for. Then I put my hair in a ponytail and walked downstairs. Just in time. 

I opened the door and Niall was on his way to the door. 

' I was before you this time! ' I laughed and closed the door, he laughed and took me to his car.

While driving to wherever he had planned it all, I just had to ask. 

' So, we're going on a picnik? Isn't it like a .... date? ' 

He looked over at me and smiled. 

' If you want it to be, it will be. ' Niall answered, I smiled. 

' Then it is. ' I said, he smiled even wider. 

After driving for almost 1 hour, we finally got there. It was this beautiful beach where nobody was anymore, it was so beautiful, no wind, just silence. 

' Wow. ' I said looking around. Niall walked and I followed. Suddenly he took my hand. 

' close your eyes. ' he said, I closed my eyes and he walked behind me. 

' Niall, you need to tell me where I'm going.. ' I laughed.

' I know, hold on. ' Niall laughed and suddenly he placed both hands on my waist. 

' Ok, just walk. I'll tell you to stop. ' Niall said, and I started walking. 
When he held my waist like that, it almost hurts how much I wanted to just turn around and kiss him to suprise him.

' Ok, stop! ' Niall said, and I could tell by his voice that he was smiling. 

' Just stand still here for a sec, don't open your eyes. ' He said and let go of my waist. 
I stood still and didn't open my eyes, even though I wanted to. Suddenly I heard him coming closer again. 

' Open your eyes! ' He said, and I opened my eyes. 

I looked at a beach where it was a blue blanket with A LOT of food on, and drinks. Even Icecream.. It was so romantic. 

' You did all of this? ' I asked smiling, he nodded. 

' I didn't know you were such a gentleman, Horan! ' I said laughing.

' Me neither. ' He laughed and made me sit down on the blanket. 

We just sat there and ate, laughed, and ate some more. haha. I was having the time of my life. 

' Wanna go for a swim? ' He asks, 

' I don't have anything to swim in! ' I said. 

' Me neither, I'm swimming in my boxer or something. ' He said already taking of his clothes.. wow... 

' Fine ' I said, taking of my t-shirt and then my shorts. Niall was already in the water. 
I took my foot in the water, it was freezing. 

' Common, chicken! ' Niall yelled. 

' It's cold! ' I yelled back, which made him laugh. He came closer and closer until he was standing infront of me. 

' It's not. I promise! ' He said, I was about to answer when he lifted me up and throwed me in the water. I got up and glared at a laughing Niall. 

' Not funny, I'm cold now. ' I said pretending to cry. 

' Poor baby. ' Niall said, I felt my heart skip a beat. 
He came closer and wrapped his arms around me, I felt warmer immidiatly. 
We stood like that just hugging eachother for a long long time.

' Can we go back now? ' I asked, it was literally starting to get darker. 

' Yeah, I was thinking the same. ' Niall said and looked me straight in to my eyes. For a second I thought he was about to kiss me. But noo.. 

' Common! ' He said and walked back to the beach, I sighed and followed. 

After packing down the food and the blanket we headed back to the car.
On our way back home, we talked about what we should do tomorrow. He suggested a movie night. Which sounds good. 

' I was thinking, if you want to of course... If you wanted to stay at my place while these 50 days are going on? it's easier. And that way, you will not be alone. ' Niall said, I smiled. 

' As long as I'm not bothering you. ' I said laughing. 

' You're not, lets get back to your house, and you get some clothes then we drive to my house. ' Niall said, I nodded and then we drove to my house. 

After packing some clothes and the stuff I needed we drove to Niall's house. It was much much bigger then mine.. 

' You're room in the first door up the stairs, just put your things in there, I'm going to find something to eat. ' Niall said, I started laughing, he just ate... 

I walked upstairs and found the room quickly, it was big and beautiful. I put my stuff in the room and walked downstairs again.

Niall sat in the livingroom watching football and eating, 
I sat down beside him and he stopped eating and started to cuddle with me instead. That suprised me. 

' Is it ok if you're on your own tomorrow? I have a interview with the lads. ' Niall said and stared at me. 

' Yeah, I can go hang with some friends. ' I said and smiled at him. He smiled back. 

' I need to get to bed early as well, it's hard to be a celebrity, always tired. ' Niall said. 

' I understand. ' I laughed. 

' I'll make it up to you tomorrow night, I'll buy some vine! ' Niall said forgetting I'm only 17. 

' I'm only 17.. ' I said smiling. 

' I don't believe you never drank.. Drop the lying game.. ' He laughed, yup. He was right. I used to go to parties. 

' Fine then! just you and me and vine. Right? ' I said, he nodded.

' And music ' he added. Of course. 

' Great. ' I said smiling. Sounds like a second date to me. 

' Well, I'm off to bed. I'll see you tomorrow night, since I'm probably gone when you wake up, just make yourself at home, and do whatever you want really. ' Niall said and hugged me. 

' Yeah, goodnight. ' I said

' Goodnight ' He replied and got upstairs, I layed on the couch and watched tv until I fell asleep. Which was never suppose to happen, but me being lazy didn't bother to move. 

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