Fifty days with Niall Horan

' Congrats! You're one of the lucky winners to spend whole fifty days with the one and only, Niall Horan '

Hi, my name is Tessa Gilbert. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, and I'm from London.

I entered this contest with many others, and the price was to spend fifty days with Niall Horan, now... Who wouldn't enter it?
Now, I didn't think I was actually going to win!


2. Day 2

Tessa's pov

Today, I woke up with an smile on my face when I dreamed about my fifty next days with Niall Horan. It will be so fun!

I get up from my bed and look at the time, it's nearly 3 in the afternoon, shit... And I've got like 3 messages. 

- Hey, It's Niall. When do you want me to pick you up? 

- Niall again, are you still asleep? Wake up sleepyhead! 

- Seriously, I'm just driving to your house! 


After reading the last text I hurried in to my bathroom, got my make-up on and dressed up JUST in time when the doorbell rang. I hurried downstairs and opened the door to see Niall Horan standing there just staring at me with WIDE eyes. 

' I thought you were sleeping! ' He said laughing and hugged me. 

' I've been up all the time, I didn't want to answer you. ' I said joking, hoping he would buy it. 

' You're mean, you promised you would answer me. ' He said with his thick irish voice. 

' You said I had to answer you the adress! ' I said, repeating from yesterday. Niall started laughing.

' Yeah, that's right. Are you going to let me in though? ' Niall asked, I nodded and stepped a side so he could walk inside. 

' Nice place! ' Niall says while he looks around.

' Yeah, it's hard to keep it clean though. '

He turns around and gives me questioned look.

' Don't your mother do the cleaning? ' He asked, like everyone else asks.

I sighed. ' No, she's basically never home. ' 

' Wow, so you live by yourself? ' Niall asked with a hurt expression on his face.

' Yeah, but it's ok. ' I said smiling. 

' What! No, it's not! You're 17 years old, Tessa! ' Niall raised his voice, I don't know why.. I looked down at my feet and I didn't even know what to answer.

I heard Niall walking closer so I looked up at him he was pretty close.

' Promise me, you'll call me if you feel alone. A girl like you shouldn't be alone. ' Niall said calming himself down. 

' I will, thank you for caring. ' I said smiling. Then I took the opportunity to hug him again. But this time it was different. He basically almost squised me. 

' Niall, I want to breath. ' I said trying to breath. He let me go.

' Sorry. ' He laughed and just stared at me. Awkward silence.

' Uhm.. So, what should we do today? ' I asked him, and he seemed to zap out of his daydream. 

' I was thinking since it's sunny outside, we could go to the park, just walk around talk about ourself's, and eat some icecream! ' Niall said, wow. He sounds just like me.. 

' I was hoping you would mention Icecream! I have a feeling we're going to be good friends! ' I said laughing while walking out of the house with Niall behind me. 

We started walking towards the park, and a thought about something and stopped.
Niall turned towards me.

' What? ' He asked.

' The fans, their going to notice you. ' I said, he shaked his head and took on a fake moustache and big sunglasses, and a hat. He doesn't look like himself, but a funny guy. I couldn't stop laughing. 

' Good, now we're safe. ' He said and dragged me with him.

When we came to the park, there was a lot of girls there. But no one reconized Niall, funny.

We sat down on a bench and started to eat the icecream we had buyed on the way. 

' Let me taste yours. ' Niall said and took some of my icecream with his spoon without letting me answer. So I glared at him. 

' What? you can taste mine! ' He said with one of his funny voices. 

' Fine! ' I said and took a big spoon of icecream and the spoon got stuck, so I started to try to get it out, it went completely wrong. The spoon got out but the icecream went straight in Niall's face. At first I was like oh shit, but then I started laughing. Niall stared at me with icecream on his whole face.

' I should kiss you now or something, so you would get it on yourself. ' Niall said, I took it as a joke. 

' No, don't! ' I said running away from the bench, I started running to the grass, but what I didn't know was that it was slippery, I fell down on my back and started to laugh even more, I saw Niall running towards me and the slippery grass.

' YOU'RE GOING TO FA- ' Boom, he fell on top of me. 

' Auch. ' I said laughing. 

' Ops. ' He said and took his icecream away from his face with his hand and then took it in my face.

' NIALL! ' I yelled, expecting him to climb off of me and run away, but he didn't. So I pushed him off and got on top of him. It must have looked so wrong to the others who were in the park. 

' Good, I like girls on top . ' Niall said, ew. 

' Ew Niall! ' I said about to get off of him, but he placed his hands on my waist. 

' I was kidding! Stay. ' he said.

' Fine, since you dig me so hell a lot! ' I said like a queen, he laughed.

I just sat on his lap and we talked about ourselfs and nobody even looked at us. 

It was starting to get cold, so we decided to get home and watch a movie and eat. Of course.
On the way home we noticed people staring, I looked at Niall, and saw that his moustache was hanging wrong, and you could see that he looked like himself. 

I jumped infront of him, and fixed it. 
' Aw, thanks. ' He said smiling. I smiled back, then we started walking again until we got to my house. 

I walked inside the kitchen and decided I'd just make a pizza.

' You know me so well. ' Niall said while walking in to the kitchen and sat down on a chair. I laughed and was about to sit down on the chair beside him when he pulled me on his lap. 

' Nope, there's no other allowed places to sit. ' Niall said, his cheesy lines. 

' Why are you being so flirty? ' I asked. He laughed.

' What, you don't like it? ' He asked, I nodded.

' Yes, I do. But it's just weird, really. ' I said. 

' I understand. movietime, though? NOW! ' Niall yelled getting up and carried me in a bridestyle and walked in to the livingroom again and throwed me on the couch. I couldn't stop laughing. 
He walked to the where the movies were and looked through it until he found one. 

' THIS ONE! ' He yelled holding up ' P.s I love you. '. I nodded.

' I love that movie! ' I yelled over and over again. Niall smiled and put the movie on. 
We decided we would wait to the pizza was done, then we could watch the movie. 
When it was, we put the movie on and we sat pretty close, I was ready to cry. I always cry. 

When the sad part came, I could not NOT let out a sob, and I felt Niall looking over at me and smiling. 

' It's ok, it's only a movie little you. ' He said in his annoying baby voice while he out his arms around me, and started to making me feel like a baby. 

' You're such a idiot. ' I laughed, and I didn't mean it. He stopped completely and let me go. He looked at the movie again, without a smile or anything on his face. it was emotionless. 

' Niall? ' I asked, looking at him, no answer. 

' I didn't mean it... ' I said knowing that was the reason. 

He looked over at me, and his eyes were almost black. 
' Well, it sounded like it! ' he said loud and then he got up and headed for the door. I hurried over and got infront of the door. 

' Please, Niall... I didn't mean it like that. ' I said trying to make him stay. 

' Why do you say things you don't mean? people can get hurt! ' Niall yelled, I nodded.

' I usually dont, I shouldn't have said it, and I'm sorry. ' I said pulling him closer. 

' Well, I guess you're right. I am a idiot. For picking you. ' He said... That hurt. I just walked away, and let him leave. He wasn't worth it anymore. I never heard the door open or close, but some footsteps getting closer. 

' Just go... ' I said not looking behind me. Niall sighed. 

' No... I'm sorry. ' He said and hugged me from behind. It made me feel better. 
I turned around. 

' Do you regret picking me, Niall? ' I said cracking at the last bit. 

' No, I don't. I just got so mad and... I know you didn't mean it... ' Niall said looking in to my eyes, I looked down and he quickly pulled my head up again with his index finger.

' Let's forget about it, ok? ' He said, I nodded. Then we sat down again and watched the rest of the movie without talking. 

We stood by my door when Niall was leaving. 

' So, I'll give you a call tomorrow. ' Niall said, I didn't even look at him. I nodded.
He moved closer and pulled my head up so I looked at him. 

' Hey, don't worry.. It's no big deal, ok? You're forgiven. ' Niall said and smiled, I smiled back. 

' I'm really sorry though.. ' I said. 

' I know, I am too. But, I really gotta go now. ' Niall said and hugged for almost 1 minute. 
Then he let go. 

' Bye, see you tomorrow. ' I said, he nodded.

' Yup. Bye! ' He said and walked towars his car. 

I closed the door and started to clean up the livingroom and got upstairs to my room and layed down on the bed. 

Why did he get so mad at me? I know I maybe took it too far, but It's not exacly a bad word or something like that.. Atleast I hope not. I decided to text him how truly sorry I was.

- Hey.. It's Tessa, which I bet you know... Uhm, I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I feel terrible. I shouldn't have called you a idiot, because you're not. You're one of the most amazing boys I've ever met, Niall. And that, I mean. Well, I guess that's it. Goodnight. 

I sent it and put the phone back on the table next to my bed, about 5 minutes later I got a text. 

- It's ok, I told you that. I can't tell you why I reacted the way I did. I'm sorry.. But thanks for the compliment though, you're amazing as well, I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight. 

I know it's weird how well we bonded, and how quickly. But it feels right. So right. 



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