Equal Ice

I’m a performer, but I don’t act on a regular stage.
I dress up in costumes, but I don’t play a character.
My stage isn’t one in a theater; it’s clean slick ice at a rink.
I don’t play a character, I’m just myself.
Sometimes on the ice though, I feel like I’m someone else. Someone who is graceful and beautiful, it’s still me though, just a different side of me. A side that I like much more than my everyday self.
Ice skating is much more work than people may think though, and some people don’t consider it a sport. It’s not as extreme as hockey for example.
I may not look very tough, but I can accelerate faster than the guys on the racetrack.
I take harder impacts than a rider being thrown from a bull.
And I handle more G-Force than a fighter pilot.
So why just be extreme, when you can be extremely graceful.


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Gabrielle’s POV

Once we got to Bella’s mom’s car, Bella’s mom sat in the drivers seat, Bella sat in the passenger seat, and I sat in the back like I usually do when I ride with them Every now and then Bella will sit in the back with me, but she usually sits up front with her mom.

“Gabrielle we have to go run some errands, so why don’t you call your dad and ask if it’s okay if you come with us if you want. If not then I’ll just go ahead and take you home,” Bella’s mom told me once all three of us were in the car and had our seat belts buckled.

“Okay,” I said, and took my phone out of my skating bag.

I knew my dad would be okay with me staying with them for another hour or so, because he usually is, but I know that Bella’s mom just wanted me to call to be safe. I found my dad’s name in my contact list, and pressed on it. After it rang about four times, I was about to hang up since he obviously wasn’t going to answer. On the last ring though I finally heard his voice through the phone.

“Hello?” he said rushed.

“Hey dad,” I said.

“Oh, hey Gabi, look I’m about to start a meeting, so if I could just call you back that’d be great,” he told me.

“Okay well I was just wondering if I could spend like another hour with Bella before going home,” I said, asking my question anyway.

“Yeah, that’s fine, I’ll probably be home later. Have fun,” he said, still rushed and then hung up.

“Bye,” I whispered even though he already hung up. I sighed as I brought my phone away from my ear and locked it as I put it back in my bag.

“So what did he say?” Bella asked from the passenger seat.

“He said I could hang out with you both for awhile, he won’t be home until later,” I told them.

“Okay, great,” Bella’s mom said and began to drive out of her parking spot.

“I knew he’d let you stay with us for while,” Bella said as he mom began driving out of the parking lot.

“He always does,” I said, trying not to have an attitude about it.

“Come on girls, you know Gabrielle’s dad works hard, he is a single parent and needs to work longer hours,” Bella’s mom told us.

“Yeah, I know,” I said, and leaned my head back in the seat as I looked out the window while Bella’s mom drove to the first store she needed to go to.

My dad has been raising me by himself almost my whole live. About three years after I was born, my mom left us. My dad still hasn’t told me why, and I don’t think he ever will. He didn’t seem to be very angry about her leaving, because when I was younger he would show me pictures of her all the time, and tell me stories about her when I would ask him what she was like. I have a drawer in my room full of different pictures of her that I’ve always liked to look at every now and then.

As I got older though, he began to close up about talking about her more. I usually think it’s because the older I got, the more things I understood and the more questions I would ask about her. Even though he had to raise me by himself, he did do a pretty good job of it. It’s not easy for dad’s to raise daughters on their own because raising a girl is a lot different compared to raising a boy. He always wanted to be over prepared with certain things, especially in m early teenage years.

Getting into ice skating when I was six though really helped him a lot because he met all the skating mom’s, and they thought him how to properly pull up my hair into different buns and ponytails. That’s how I first met Bella; her mom was all about helping my dad out with me and getting my ready for competitions.

Going shopping with my dad for my skating costumes for competitions was probably the most fun. He had soon really got into my ice skating, and every time we had went shop for a costume, he treated the situation like we were shopping for a prom dress each time. For some kids it bothered them how into their skating their parents were, but I loved it.

My dad was always looking for new events for me to compete in, and would sign me up for the best trainers he could to help me improve. My dad got so involved, that ne began working with a bunch of Olympic people as I started to get older and more serious about my skating.

I was soon brought out of all my thoughts when Bella’s mom announced that we had arrived at the first place she needed to stop at. I unbuckled my seat belt, and got out of the car along with Bella and her mom. Once I was out of the car, I looked around and saw that we were at one of the local grocery stores.

“You girls can walk around for a bit if you want, I’m just going to go get a few things,” Bella’s mom told us as we walked up to the entrance.

“Okay,” Bella and I both said.

“I’ll just text you Bella when I’m done and have you both meet me back here,” she told Bella.

“Got it,” Bella said, and then me and Bella headed over to the cosmetic section while Bella’s mom when to where all the food was set out.

“Gabi, look at this,” Bella said, already noticing something she liked as we walked over to the makeup. I watched as she went up to a lipstick display and picked out a dark red color.

“This would look perfect on you,” she said as she held the tube up to my face to match it with my skin.

“I think it’s too dark,” I told her as I examined the lipstick that she now had me holding.

“Okay, hold on,” she said and looked up and down the rack until she found what she seemed to be searching for.

“What about this?” she asked and handed me a brighter red lipstick as she took the other one of my hand and put it back on the rack.

“I think I already have this color,” I told her as I looked at the color on the tube.

“You are just impossible to please,” she joked as she grabbed the lipstick from me and set it back on the rack where she found it.

“Whatever,” I said and rolled my eyes at her as we walked further down the aisle.

“So what do you think about the new guy on the hockey team?” she asked me as she looked at some eye shadows.

“I don’t know, he seems nice,” I said.

“He’s a lot different from the rest of the guys,” I added.

“Yeah, he is,” she agreed.

“So why do you ask?” I asked her, not really sure what caused her to bring up one of the hockey players.

“No reason, I just noticed that you couldn’t seem to take your eyes off of him,” she told me.

“What?” I said looking up over at her.

“You heard me,” she smirked.

“I looked at him for like a few seconds because I didn’t know who he was,” I defended myself.

“Yeah, sure,” she said, not buying my excuse as she went back to looking at the eye shadows.

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