Equal Ice

I’m a performer, but I don’t act on a regular stage.
I dress up in costumes, but I don’t play a character.
My stage isn’t one in a theater; it’s clean slick ice at a rink.
I don’t play a character, I’m just myself.
Sometimes on the ice though, I feel like I’m someone else. Someone who is graceful and beautiful, it’s still me though, just a different side of me. A side that I like much more than my everyday self.
Ice skating is much more work than people may think though, and some people don’t consider it a sport. It’s not as extreme as hockey for example.
I may not look very tough, but I can accelerate faster than the guys on the racetrack.
I take harder impacts than a rider being thrown from a bull.
And I handle more G-Force than a fighter pilot.
So why just be extreme, when you can be extremely graceful.


55. Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Harry’s POV

On the drive to the park, Ben kept going on and on, telling me all about what he was planning to do once we arrived at our destination.

He was telling me about this game they had made up and they created the park into this fascinating imaginary world. It was interesting listening to him talk about this world that him and his friend made up. 

He told me how each tree in the park had a special use and a certain power, and how the trees on one side of the park were the good ones, and the tress on the other side were the bad ones. It’s always entertaining listening to younger kids talk because they see the world in such a better and different way than adults do.

By the time we arrived at the parking lot of the park, I knew almost everything about this imaginary world, and as we walked up to the park I could somewhat map out everything that he had told me.

I had started moving my head to look around the park for Sam and whoever brought him here, but Ben soon told me that they already knew were they were going to meet up and he grabbed my wrist like he always does and pulled me in the direction that he wanted me to go in.

As Ben continued to pull at my wrist, I soon noticed where we were heading and realized, to my disappointment that it was Bella who brought Sam today once I saw them sitting at a bench. Ben soon let go of my wrist so he could run over to Sam, and he got up from where he was sitting at the bench and the two of them ran off into the main grass area of the park.

As much as I didn’t want to be here with Bella right now, and I was pretty sure she felt the same way. I figured I should at least try to talk to her though because she is Gabrielle’s best friend, so it’d probably be good for me to be somewhat friends with her too, or at least get her to not hate me as much as she currently does.

I walked over to the bench and sat down next to Bella, causing her to scoot away a bit.

“I don’t bite,” I told her, letting her know that it was pretty obvious that she just scooted away from me because I could tell she was trying to do it subtly.

When she didn’t answer me I assumed that she was just rolling her eyes at me and wishing that I would go away.

“So how’s it going?” I asked her, still continuing my attempts to talk to her.

“Do you really care?” she turned to look at me for a brief moment as she asked.

“Yes, that’s why I asked,” I said with a slight laugh.

“Honestly I’d be doing a lot better if you were not here sitting next to me right now,” she snapped.

“Oh, ouch,” I laughed, placing a hand on my chest making it seem like I was wounded when really I couldn’t care less.

“Why are you even talking to me right now?” she asked.

“Why do you hate me?” I answered with a question.

“I asked you a question first, answer it,” she somewhat demanded.

“I’m talking to you to get you to stop hating me,” I told her.

“Well I don’t think it’s working because right now I am developing even more dislike for you, so I suggest you just stop talking to me,” she harshly said to me.

“See I don’t get it, why don’t you like me?” I asked her, hoping that maybe she knows more about this whole feud then Gabrielle did.

“I just don’t,” she answered.

“You don’t even know me,”

“I know you’re a hockey player,” she told me.

“And I know you’re a figure skater now can we get back on topic?”

“Just stop talking to me, please. I don’t even want to be here but my mom made me take my brother,” she told me.

“Why don’t you want to be here?” I asked her.

“Because you’re here! If it wasn’t for my friend having to go to the stupid children’s place with me Sam wouldn’t have met Ben and I wouldn’t be here,” she complained.

I could’ve argued what Gabrielle had told me about her just trying to help, but I figured I could work in some common ground through this and get her to relate.

“I get it,” I told her, “I was mad about them being friends at first too,”

“Why?” she asked finally turning to look at me when she said something for more than a second.

“Because your friend found Ben a friend before I could, and she did it so easily when I couldn’t even get him to get up from the table,” I explained to her.

“Oh,” was all she said.

“Yep,” I said back.

“How do you know who my friend is?” she asked me.

A little bit of panic shot through me when I realized that now she was trying to see what I would say about Gabrielle, since I’m guessing she still has her suspicions about us.

“I skate at the same rink as you, I see you and your friend everyday before practice,” I said with an obvious tone to my voice as I kept the answer simple yet still answering the whole question.

“Right,” she said like the thought had slipped her mind, but I knew that it just wasn’t the answer that she wanted.

“So,” I began,

“How have you been spending your break from skating so far?” I asked her.

She was a bit hesitant to answer at first, but she started off by complaining about having to take her brother here for the first week of the break, and then about this online school project that she had to do. The more I communicated and asked her questions, the more she would tell me about herself. And I discovered she loves to talk about herself, so when I would ask her question I’d just make sure they were about her or her life.

Normally I would hate people who seemed so conceded, but she was Gabrielle’s best friend and I still think that it’d be good for me to be, I guess, acquaintances with her, if not friends.

After being at the park for close to two hours, Bella and I decided to round up the boys and tell them that it was time to go.

As Bella was walking more into the center of the grass area to find the boys, I took out my phone because I heard it go off while I was talking to Bella and I thought it would be rude to check it then. I was hoping that it was Gabrielle telling me that she got her phone back, but of course it wasn’t.

I opened the text from my aunt that read that when I got back she wanted my help on deciding what to make for dinner tomorrow. I answered back and then put my phone back in my pocket once I saw Bella walking back with Ben and Sam walking next to her.

“Found them,” she told me, and then we began to walk back to the parking lot.

I had almost forgotten about the dinner with Gabrielle tomorrow, and I told myself that I needed to remember to call her tonight and remind her and tell her what time I’d be picking her up.

Once we were in the parking lot, Ben and Sam said bye to each other and then Ben and I walked over to my car while Sam and Bella walked to her car.

On the drive back to the house, Ben was telling me about the dragon that him and Sam defeated today, and started telling me more things about his and Sam’s world they created from the park.

When we arrived back at my aunt’s house, Ben had quickly gotten out of the car once I unlocked it and ran quickly inside, probably excited to tell his mom about the day that he had with Sam today.

I would probably stay and listen to him tell the stories again because it was still so fascinating seeing how is younger mind worked.

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