Equal Ice

I’m a performer, but I don’t act on a regular stage.
I dress up in costumes, but I don’t play a character.
My stage isn’t one in a theater; it’s clean slick ice at a rink.
I don’t play a character, I’m just myself.
Sometimes on the ice though, I feel like I’m someone else. Someone who is graceful and beautiful, it’s still me though, just a different side of me. A side that I like much more than my everyday self.
Ice skating is much more work than people may think though, and some people don’t consider it a sport. It’s not as extreme as hockey for example.
I may not look very tough, but I can accelerate faster than the guys on the racetrack.
I take harder impacts than a rider being thrown from a bull.
And I handle more G-Force than a fighter pilot.
So why just be extreme, when you can be extremely graceful.


47. Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Harry’s POV

“Was that your girlfriend?” my aunt asked me after I had hung up the phone and walked back into the kitchen where she was.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I told her for probably the hundredth time now.

“Okay well, was that that girl who you like,” she said, and I decided just to go with her choice of words and I just nodded in response.

“Why’d she call the home phone?” she asked.

“Um, I don’t know,” I lied.

I didn’t really want to say that she’s gotten her phone taken away because then there is the slight chance that she might ask why, and I’d rather not have to explain that she got it taken away because she came home late from being with me. That could possibly cause more problems than it needed to.

“Well what did she want?” she asked, trying to stay as serious as she could right now.

“She wanted me to come over,” I answered as I grabbed my keys off the counter.

“You going to the mystery girl’s house then?” she clarified.

“Yep,” I answered.

“Are you ready to tell me who she is?” she asked me, the only other question that she has asked as much as the one about her being my girlfriend.

“No, I’m good,” I said as I walked towards the front door where I had left my shoes yesterday, my aunt followed me as I left the kitchen.

“Okay, well watch your back while you’re driving, I may just start following you to her house,” she joked as I slipped a shoe on my foot.

“Ha Ha,” I said sarcastically once I had both shoes on.

“Well have fun,” she told me,

“And don’t stay out too late, okay?” she added once I opened the front door.

“Got it,” I said, and left the house and went to the driveway.

My aunt didn’t have to worry about me getting home late because I was going to pay extra close attention to what time it is while I’m at Gabrielle’s house. I unlocked my car and got in before heading out of this small neighborhood and driving myself to Gabrielle’s big neighborhood.

As I was driving, I would occasionally check behind me to make sure my aunt’s car was nowhere in sight. I knew she was just joking when she said she’d follow me, but I could never be to safe.

After a few minutes passed, I was just about to make the turn that led onto Gabrielle’s street.

Once I did I remembered that Gabrielle wanted me to park a few house down from where I normally parked. I parked my car and then got out and headed over to her house.

As I was walking on the sidewalk, I took my phone out a sent Gabrielle a text telling her that I was walking up to her house so she’d know I was here already. As I was walking up her driveway, she still hadn’t texted me back so I guess it was safe for me to come up to the door. I rang her doorbell, and I few moments later Gabrielle opened the door, fully dressed in jeans and one of the shirts she bought yesterday.

“Hey,” she said once she had opened the door.

“Hey,” I said back as she opened the door more and stepped out of the way so I could walk in.

“I sent you a text a few minutes ago, don’t know if you got it or not,” I felt the need to say as I walked in, because I was used to her answering my texts when I had arrived at her house so she could tell me if there was some reason why I couldn’t come in yet or something.

“You sent my cell phone a text?” she questioned.

“Um yeah, that’s kind of how texts work, they’re sent through a cell phone,” I said and added on a slight laugh at the end.

“Seriously Harry?” she through her arms up in the air and I could tell she was trying her best to mask her angriness, but it wasn’t working very well.

“What? What did I do?” I asked her, growing more and more confused every second while she became somewhat angrier.

“Did you not remember the phone conversation we had like thirty minutes ago?” she asked,

“The one on your aunt’s home phone number,” she added, putting the emphasis on ‘home.’

“Oh, shit,” I said once I realized what she was talking about.

“My dad is most likely going to see that text, and I am going to be in a whole lot of trouble,” she said.

“Yeah, especially since it was me telling you that I was at your house,” I said, deciding to tell her that that was what it said even though that might stress her out even more, she was probably going to ask at some point what I had sent.

“I’m going to try really hard not to strangle you right now,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Sorry,” I said, honestly meaning it, but knowing that I couldn’t understand the amount of stress she was feeling right now.

This really isn’t how I wanted to start the day with her today, but I guess I brought it all upon myself for not thinking it through before I decided to text her.

“So how to do you know your dad is even going to read it?” I asked her. “Well I don’t know for sure that he is going to read it, but why wouldn’t he?”

“Where is he even keeping your phone?” I asked.

“That’s the thing, I don’t know,” she told me.

“He could be keeping it with him so I don’t find it if I look for it, so in that case he’s definitely going to see it soon. He also could be hiding it somewhere in the house, so if that’s the case, I don’t know it he’ll see it or not. It depends on if he is going to check to make sure the phone is still there, and if he’ll turn the screen on to see if I’ve received anything,” she explained.

“So you’re sure he is even going to bother checking your phone?” I asked.

“Most likely, he’s going to see if I get any texts from you because he thinks that I don’t have a way of contacting you. He thinks that you’re still going to be sending texts to my phone, and obviously you still are then if you sent one after I specific told you not to,” she said, saying the last part harshly.

“Sorry,” I said again, and she just rolled her eyes at me. I couldn’t tell how mad she was at me, and it was kind of bothering me.

She didn’t seem too mad or else she probably would’ve kicked me out. I’m just hoping she’s not the king angry where she is going to want to ignore me for a while.

“Okay, well, how about we just look for the phone,” I suggested.

“Where would it even be, if it’s here?” she asked.

“Considering that this is your house, you might be the one to answer that question,” I told her.

“Okay,” she sighed,

“I guess you look around the living room and the kitchen, and I’ll check around the rest of this floor,” she said, and I nodded and headed for the living room.

“Try not to mess anything up,” she called out to me once I was in the living room.

“Okay,” I called back, and then began to look at the back of the living room first.

I was looking under and around everything, picking random things up, but I didn’t find the phone. This really wasn’t how I planned on spending the day with Gabrielle today. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting to do today, but this wasn’t it. I knew she wasn’t going to be able to think about anything else though unless we found the phone if it was here, and delete the text before he dad could come home and possibly see it.

After a few more minutes of looking for the phone passed, Gabrielle came running into the kitchen where I had now moved to to look. “You need to get out,” she told me, her voice rushed.

“What?” I asked confused.

“My dad is here,” she said, and my eyes went wide and she nodded understanding my reaction.

“What do we do?” I asked, my voice now rushed like hers.

“Um,” he foot was tapping and she kept anxiously looking around trying to think of an idea since I couldn’t necessarily go back to my car to leave if her dad was here.

“Just get on the patio,” she said and pulled me out of the kitchen and to sliding glass doors, which she pushed me through to get me outside before sliding the door shut again.

“Just hide,” I heard her say though the glass, and I nodded as she ran away to most likely go to the kitchen.

I walked away from the glass doors since I was currently standing in front of them, and went to where there was a bunch of potted plants set up as decoration, and I tried my best to hide behind them, hoping that I wasn’t visible from the doors.

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