Equal Ice

I’m a performer, but I don’t act on a regular stage.
I dress up in costumes, but I don’t play a character.
My stage isn’t one in a theater; it’s clean slick ice at a rink.
I don’t play a character, I’m just myself.
Sometimes on the ice though, I feel like I’m someone else. Someone who is graceful and beautiful, it’s still me though, just a different side of me. A side that I like much more than my everyday self.
Ice skating is much more work than people may think though, and some people don’t consider it a sport. It’s not as extreme as hockey for example.
I may not look very tough, but I can accelerate faster than the guys on the racetrack.
I take harder impacts than a rider being thrown from a bull.
And I handle more G-Force than a fighter pilot.
So why just be extreme, when you can be extremely graceful.


135. Chapter 135

Chapter 135

Harry’s POV

About a week had passed since telling Ben that I was leaving, and we’ve pretty much been hanging out everyday since. I took him to the movies a few times, we went out to lunch with my aunt, and I took him to the park and he showed me the little world that he had created from different areas in the park and played with all his imaginary friends and creatures.

Every time that I was reconsidering everything, that maybe I should just stay, I’d remember about the rink and I’d be reminded of why I wanted to leave. I didn’t want to leave my family here, but I really wanted to continue playing hockey and I wanted to do it on a team that I enjoyed playing on and that made me happy to get up early in the morning.

Hockey was all my dad and I have talked about since I first stepped foot in a rink. I had to be a hockey player; it’s all I knew. I didn’t have a back up plan yet since my dad told me to worry about that when my hockey career was almost over. I was never not going to be a hockey player in the eyes of my dad, and I couldn’t let him down.

I had less than a week until I was going to be leaving for England, so today my aunt made me make sure I had everything packed that I wasn’t going to need for the rest of the days that I was going to be here.

So basically I had to pack everything except for a few changes of clothes and all my toiletry stuff. All the clothes that I had washed last week were currently sitting in a basket in the corner of my room all crumpled together and unfolded.

So I spent the majority of the afternoon in my room with Ben helping me get packed. He would take the clothes out of the basket and begin to fold them and then handed it to me. And when he was busy folding the next piece of clothing I would refold the one that he just gave me and then put it in my suitcase.

He was young so he was still learning how to fold, but I didn’t mind. He got to practice at it and I got to hang out with him for the afternoon. Each time he would give me a pieces of clothing it was always folded it bit better than the last.

Once we had that basket of clothes emptied, he helped me tidy up the room at bit and find some other things that could be packed right now. While we were doing that my aunt came into the room holding two plates in her hands and holding two water bottles under her arm. She sat them both down on my dresser and told us to eat up. Ben was presently surprised to see a brownie on each of our plates since she usually didn’t give us a dessert when she made our lunch.

“You guys have been working so hard in here packing I thought you both deserved a little treat,” she told us and we both thanked her before she walked back out of my room.

Ben and I sat on the ground to eat since I didn’t want to wrinkle and get crumbs over my bed since we just made it. Ben didn’t even wait to finish his sandwich before he went straight to eating the brownie, finishing it off in almost one bite. I ended up giving him my brownie to eat too just because he was so excited about them.

When my aunt makes little things for a snack or dessert it’s usually cookies or something, I don’t think she’s made brownies yet while I’ve been here.

Once we finished our lunch, which was devoured rather quickly, we brought our plates in the kitchen and then joined my aunt in the living room and we talked about what we wanted to do for the rest of the day.

Gabrielle’s POV

All the stress I had put on myself about what to do about Harry leaving had really been starting to affect my overall mood. Usually I could just hide the fact that something was bothering me when I was doing something with my dad or Bella, but today, I knew my dad could tell that something was off about me this morning. I didn’t have practice today so my dad and I were going to go see a movie since he felt like taking the day off today.

It’s been forever since he has taken off a day at work, so he had plenty of days left to take off. I wasn’t even sure when he was going to use one ever again. While we were eating breakfast, my dad decided not to mention or say anything about the mood I seemed to be in, but once we were walking out to the car he finally said something.

“Are you okay Gabrielle?” I heard him ask me as we walked down the driveway.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I quickly answered and then got into the passenger side of the car.

“Okay,” he said but I could tell he wasn’t buying it.

I guessed that he just didn’t want to push me to tell him right now because he didn’t want me to get mad or something. We have both been doing our best to avoid us fighting about almost everything. We used to hardly ever argue, but ever since the whole Harry thing we seemed to just disagree about almost everything. So now we just keep our disagreements to ourselves unless it’s necessary which it almost never is.

When we got to the theater, my dad parked close to the front of the building, and I was instantly reminded of Harry’s obsession with always parking in the back of the parking lot.

I pushed the thoughts away though and walked with my dad up to the entrance of the theater.

After we bought out tickets, we waited in line at the snack bar.

I just wanted some candy and my dad decided to just get some popcorn. While we were waiting, I was just casually looking around the theater since I really had nothing else to do as I was standing here. It felt like years since I had been in this theater.

Ever since my dad had started working more, I just had to wait for movies that I wanted to see to come out on demand and then I’d just rent them from the TV. Seeing them in the actual theater though was so much better.

As I was looking over at the area were the hallway down to where the actual movie screen and theater was, I saw a familiar head of hair walking out. He was smiling as he walked and talked with his aunt and little cousin.

He seemed to have such I good time with them, I couldn’t see why he would want to move back to England and give that up. Sure they’d still be close, they’re family, but it wouldn’t be easy to see them very often anymore.

I quickly looked away from Harry and his family, not wanted them to see me, mostly I just didn’t want Harry to see me. I’m sure if his aunt saw me she’d walk over to me and just have me talk to him right then and there, and that would be awkward.

We were almost to the front of the line, so I went ahead and took this time to figure out which candy I wanted since I really hadn’t decided yet. I went ahead and chose Skittles and a soda as we were walking up to the cashier.

After getting out snacks, my dad and I gave the movie usher our tickets and then walked down the large hall to our theater number.


The movie itself was actually pretty good. Well the parts I had paid attention to were, I probably couldn’t tell you the whole plot of the movie. That being for a few different reasons. The first one being, my dad picked the movie, so I really wasn’t all that interested in watching it at first because the commercials I had seen for it on TV since I’ve been glued for the last week after I get home, didn’t look very good.

I ended up starting to get a bit interested in it but since I wasn’t paying very close attention at the beginning, I didn’t get a few things. Then about halfway through the movie, I started thinking about Harry. I had pretty much already decided that I was just going to leave him be and not go talk to him, because who was I to judge what he wanted to do.

After seeing him with his aunt and cousin tonight though and how happy her seemed I was thinking that maybe I should go talk to him and see if I could get him to stay. Sure the guys on his hockey team were just awful, but at least he is still getting to play hockey, and if he had a bad day at practice, he could just go hang out with his little cousin to make him feel better.

So that was stressing me out a bit, but I told myself that I would just think about it on the drive home when it’d be quieter instead of worrying about it now when there’s a movie in front of me with a very large sound.

Once the movie was finally over, by dad and I walked back out to the parking lot, talking about the movie a bit until we got into the car.

As we were driving home I of course began to think about what I’ve pretty much been thinking about since I was informed of it. Decisions are not always easy to make, and unfortunately for me, no decision seemed easy to make. Usually one might out weigh the other, but right now, there were about the same number of pros and cons for each outcome that could happen.

When we got home, we both got out of the car and just as I was about to walk in the front door, I stopped.

“Hey dad,” I said, causing him to turn around.

“I just remembered I need to go pick some face wash that I’m out of,” I lied,

“Could I borrow the car to go buy it?” I asked him.

“Can’t you just wait until tomorrow?”

“No, I really need it now,” I said, hoping that he would just go with it and let me take the car.

“Okay,” he finally agreed, and then tossed me the car keys.

I thanked him and then got in the car. I was surprised that he believed that since I had just made up that reason right then and there just so I could borrow the car. I was thinking about what I was going to say to Harry as I drove to his aunt’s house where he was. I still couldn’t believe that I was doing this right now.

When I was driving into his neighborhood and found his house, I parked the car out front, and stepped out of the car. I had so much confidence in myself that I was going to do this, but being here and knowing that I am actually going to talk to him and not knowing what was going to happen was nerve racking.

All I had done was imagine how the conversation was going to go, but I knew that it wasn’t going to happen like that. The more I thought about this, it just became a more and more bad idea. I shouldn’t tell Harry what to do, that he shouldn’t leave.

This was between him and his family and I shouldn’t get in the way of that right now. If he was willing to leave his aunt and cousin, then he must really want to go back home.

I ended up getting back in the car and driving to the grocery store to buy face wash so my dad wouldn’t think I was lying, so I left the neighborhood without saying a word to him, and I guess that’s how it should be.

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