Just Another Wolf

I was raised as a human. My life was normal, but isn't that always how it is? Your life is normal and then all of a sudden is flipped upside down. Well call it cliche but that was what happened.


1. Back Story

I tried to help honestly I did! But somehow I just made everything worse. For myself. I am not the boyfriend stealing backstabbing slut that my ex best friend says I am. And on top of all that I have had to learn to keep my...talents and emotions in check. (Good luck with that)

"Move slut." My ex best friend sneered. Her 3 new cronies stood behind her smirking. Isn't that always how it is? Two best friends fight, one gets 2 or 3 new "besties" and the other turns into a loser (or in my case a slut)? But things about me have never been normal after last year.

"You're funny Stel. You should become a comedian when you retire from pole dancing."

"What did you just say?" Stella hisses. Perfect name for an evil ex best friend.

"I said...you're funny Stel. You should become a comedian when you retire from pole dancing." I repeated loudly getting everyone in the cafeterias attention. Some people tried to hide their smiles but everyone from my pack was on the floor laughing.

Yes you read right. Pack. Like animals we are half animal so it makes sense.

"YOU STOLE MY BOYFRIEND!" She was testing my patience and I had very little patience as it was

"Jack left you because you were sleeping with his best friend." My temper was flaring which was not good.


"You stopped being my best friend after he broke it off with you. I didn't get a call or text for two weeks, I thought you were sulking so I figured you would text me when you were ready but I soon found out you already had another boyfriend and three new "besties". Jackson saw me the night I found out about your new life. He stopped and made sure I was okay and made sure when he left I would be happy and not crying so he got my number and stayed on the phone with me all night until I fell asleep. Then things started to change. He was there for everything." Stella stood there shocked. She had never heard my side. Only believed what she wanted.

"Riley." She whispered, "I..." I held up my hand to stop her.

"Don't. You have your life I have mine. Let's put this behind us." She nodded wordlessly, turned on her heel and briskly walked out. Everyone was silently staring at me.

"Well, this episode of the Riley and Stella feud has just ended. It is unsure if there'll be another." With that people chuckled and went back to eating and socializing.

"You handled that amazingly." Jack said sitting down next to me. He frowned, grab my waist and plopped me on his lap. I guess it's storytime.

So that whole sob story between me and Stella is true but I deemed some things down. Like the night I found out about her new life me and Jack made out, then the things that were changing where my bones, muscles and sanity. A month after that night I transformed into a beautiful black wolf. Yes, I am a werewolf. Come on you had to see that coming! Seriously I talked about my pack! DEAD GIVE AWAY! So anyway after my transformation I found out the real reason Jack broke up with Stella and went for me instead. I was his mate. Mates are a werewolves soulMATE. Rarely does one refuse the other but it happens more than it should. Well it turned out to be a treat that Jack was my mate considering he is the Alpha (leader) of the pack which means I am Luna (alpha female).

He became the alpha at the end of the summer right before senior year started. His parents didn't want to give him the title but after a rogue crippled Jack's father they were forced to. And being alpha makes Jack a very… Protective mate. Which explains why he would rather me on his lap and right next to him.

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