the weird one

sry guys im not good in descriptions. read to find out about it ;)


1. chapter 1

 Lily-Ana Santos:

     Hey! my name is Lily-Ana santos but u can call me lily or ana. Im a shy weird girl. Im a junior @ crystal high. My older brother he's a senior there. And very popular. I have 4 great best friends Matt Natt Nick and Mick. Nick and Mick are twin as same as for Matt and Natt. There is one person i like: Alex Landon. he and my brother Jc are best friends. They have a youtube channel. Which they became famous for. But enough about them. I like to sing and dance and act. Well this is it for now guys bye!!


Alex Landon:

      Sup! My name is Alex. Alex Landon. My best friends are Jc Finn and Jack.Im a senior at crystal high. Jc's sister is sooooo beautiful. She doesnt see it tho. Im a famous youtuber along with Jc. Finn and Jack have their own channel. Im in the football team and really popular. Errr idk what else to say so....... Bye!! Stay beautiful!!

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