No one understands Emma. She is different. When she looks at you it's like her glowing green eyes just stare right into your soul. Why you may ask. Nobody knows. Everyday she faces anew horror untold. Emma hates being different. As she gets older she realises she can do things people have only dreamed of. She is fascinated but also scared. And then one day her father comes home. And he told her.... A secret


1. Ghosts

Nobody likes death. They think it's dark and depressing and lonely. They think once you go your gone but that's not true. If your angry or sad you can come back. To get your revenge. And I know that for a fact.... Because I can see them. I never knew this until one day when I was 14 that my daddy came home. My dad's always away. He's a ghost hunter but you may not know him for that. My dad's name is Liam Payne. Yeah that's right. My dad is in one direction. It's an easy way for him to keep his secret and he travels a lot in the band which he could of never payed for himself.

It was a dark and stormy night. I was sitting in bed reading my favourite book while my old filthy nanny slept. It was around this time that suicide had come to my mind. I was suddenly stopped from my thoughts by the distant sound of boots walking up the front porch steps. I got of of my bed and walked into the hallway a few steps away from the door. Bang bang bang went the door knocker. Most kids would be terrified but I had taught myself in all my years of painful suffering not to be. Bang bang bang went the knocker again . This time I opened up the door to see my father standing there dripping wet. Suddenly I couldn't move. I was frozen. I want to run up to him and feel him hold me close again just to feel his warm arms but I couldn't. I couldn't move. "Emma" he said hurriedly "You have to come with me. Now." I wanted to obey but something in the back if my head told me no something isn't right and then I felt my self running. I wanted to stop but I couldn't. Soon I was lying on my bead crying for the first time in forever clutching my teddy bear to my chest. My father walked into the room holding a needle in his hand. "Sorry honey" he whispered as he stabbed into into my arm and pumped in a formula to make me sleep. At first I was unwilling but slowly the formula took away all my strength and slowly I fell asleep still clutching my teddy that my dead mother gave me when I was little.

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