Genevieve Talson Is Going To Die

Genevieve Talson has done nothing wrong. In her eyes. She might have accidentally killed someone while trying to find her kidnapped dad. Her dad was kidnapped my the government. And she is willing to anything to get him back.

Caylen Eredith is going to kill Genevieve Talson. It is his mission. After she killed his dad, Caylen is going to do anything to get her in his hands and kill her. The only problem is, Caylen's dad, kidnapped Genevieve's dad.

In this crazy web of killing and kidnapping, Genevieve and Caylen are stuck in the middle.


1. Before it all.

It was a beautiful night, with a bright big moon and all of the stars visible. Genevieve Talson's father stood in the garage frame. He grasped the handle of the trash can and wheeled it into the darkness of the driveway. He stopped it at the edge of the driveway and sidewalk. He took a deep breath as he looked into the street. It was flooded with darkness. So was the driveway, so no one saw when he was take from behind, hand over mouth and pulled into a van that sped away. The Talson's woke the next morning with their father and husband gone, the garage door still open, and no trace of their beloved family member.

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