My Faction- Vistry

So this is just a random photoshop I did of what my faction would be like, which then spiralled out of all control! Take the test to see if YOU'D be in Vistry!


1. Vistry

Vistry values all things creative- painting, composing, writing, poetry, and most of all, it values its bond with mother nature- all members are required to wear an item of green clothing, as it is the most relaxing colour for the eye. (No matter what Erudite say.) However, with this self-expression comes downsides- although us Vistrians don't view them that way. Among the inhabitants of our parthenon-like residence, you'll find many pathological liars, psychopaths, and general mischief-makers.

But that isn't to say we'll never lend a helping hand- just don't count on the fact that you won't be helped up so forcefully that you'll fly straight over the edge of a cliff.

However, Vistry values each and every one of its members.


Sort of like a psychopath would value his machete.


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