My Faction- Vistry

So this is just a random photoshop I did of what my faction would be like, which then spiralled out of all control! Take the test to see if YOU'D be in Vistry!


2. Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


1.)1 regular dose of seratonin to be consumed in the morning, in the form of sugared coca.

2.) No mention is to be made of Candor. Ever.

3.) All members must partake in frivolous activities, to broaden experience.

4.) No mention is to be made of Abnegation. Ever.

5.) Should dangers arise, save yourself. If we all do that, we'll all be fine.

6.) No mention is to be made of Dauntless. Ever.

7.) No mention is to be made of scientific or mathematical discoveries un-related to usual activities.

8.) All members must wear 1 item of green clothing at all times.

9.) Everyone must strive for their best at all times, with the exception of physical activities.

10.) All divergent in our midst are to be hidden.

11.) All members are to learn 1 musical instrument. No, triangles do not count.


Remember, we value self expression. If you feel the irritable urge to break one of these rules, then do so.( With the exception of no. 10.) And always remember,


'It takes decades to paint like a master, and a lifetime to paint like a child.'


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