My Faction- Vistry

So this is just a random photoshop I did of what my faction would be like, which then spiralled out of all control! Take the test to see if YOU'D be in Vistry!


4. Notable faction members.



Director of musical activities: Lily Cartwright-16

As we in Vistry value the young, innovative minds we have, we pushed aside all complaints for an older Director of Musical Activities,and appointed Lily here. Lily loves to teach, play, and is a great asset to us all.



Director of recreational activities: Matthew Wheelsmith18

It is a well known fact- young people have more fun. In Vistry, fun is of the utmost importance. It expands your mind, allows you to achieve. And Matthew here known that. He directs all our recreational activities- from treehouse building to computer simulations, Matthew is your man. Well, our man.


Director of evilness: Sir Aaron Lankley-64

You there- YOU! I SAY! YOU! Why can't he just say hello? Anyway, our Director of evilness (A title given to him by the other factions) is Sir Aaron Lankley. He takes care of punishment protocols, polishes his supple of machetes regularly, and stalks around the partheneon like an overgrown beetle. ...Just don't tell him that.


The Vistry Director: Penny Malguew-32

And last but not least, Penny Malguew! Penny is the beloved leader of Vistry, who rules with a fair hand and a tuned ear. (Get it? Ha ha ha.) She has been ever since her father died, leaving a dirty, blackened faction in his wake. Since then, Penny brought us out of the darkness, bring music and light to where there was none before. Penny embodies all Vistry is- and to put your minds at rest, the rumours that she killed her husband so that she could rule Vistry by herself are definitely not true. At all.


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