My Faction- Vistry

So this is just a random photoshop I did of what my faction would be like, which then spiralled out of all control! Take the test to see if YOU'D be in Vistry!


5. Faction Members.

In Vistry, we take what we can get- wait, did I say that out loud? I MEANT, that we take only the best, of course! So before you consider plucking that String of Whatever it was, take a careful look at the kinds of people Vistry attracts.


Cambie: Scored 15 marks in initiation, and gravitated towards our musical department.

Shaving monkeys sparrow: Scored 13 marks in initiation. Is a big shot in the poetry department.

Seaweed Brain Shadownight: 12 marks in initiation. Second in command Director of recreation.

Evelyn Shadownight: Scored 13 marks in initiation, and no, she didn't set that trap for Dauntless. She would never do that. EVER.

Annabeth Shadownight: Scored 15 marks in initiation, and currently learning clarinet from a master, in order to take over when he mysteriously dies.

Rodrigo.R.R: Scored 12 points. Majoring in drawing, painting and design.

Mirlotta: 12 points. Is second in command of Vistry, directly under Penny.

HermioneKatniss: Scored 11 points, and is responsible for guarding Vistry. Seems to like bows and arrows, though I can't for the life of me think why.

Skye Luna Everdeen: Scored 10 marks, and is responsible for new initiates.

RainbowDashicorn: 15 marks, and no one really wants to know what she does. Our sanity is at stake.

DOBBIE1234: Where would we be without our interior decorator? We're WAAAY better than Dauntless. I mean- a cave? Seriously?

Ellie Marie: Trainee in the music department, studying under my glorious self. (Stop sniggering.)

Rhea Grace: Brings in the fresh new ideas. 

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