Love falls in four ways

Calypso is a girl. Not just any girl. A Viner. Like Nash Grier, she is asked to be part of the Magcon Tour. On her first tour, she meets four if the most amazing boys. They fall for her and she falls for them. Who will she chose?


2. two

I hung out with my dad until 4:30. Then, I got dressed in my bathing suit and slid on my flip flops. I kissed my dad on the cheek and walked out the door with only my phone and myself.

I drove to the beach which was only a 10 minute drive in my jeep. When I arrived, I parked my car and ran to meet my friend. They where standing I front if a line of bushes that separate us from the warm sand and salty water.

I ran up and hugged my little group.

Caly- Hey! My 5 people should be here in a few. Should we wait or-

I was cut off by Steve shoving me through the bushes. I landed in the sand. Instead of 25 people at the beach, there where hundreds! Everyone was singing and dancing and having a great time! My four best friends emerged from the bushes and I gave them a wide smile.

Caly- I can't believe you!

Lizzie- really? You can't?

Caly- true.

Jamie- come on party people! Let's partay!

The crowd cheered and we had a blast til sunrise. That's right. We partied all night!

That means today's the day I drive to L.A. To meet the Magcon crew! I was exited and nervous at the sane time. What would they think of me?

I hugged my friends goodbye and thanked them for the great party. I hopped in my jeep and drove back to my house to pick up my bags and change.

My dad was at home eating breakfast. I grabbed a bagel and changed my clothes then kissed him goodbye.

Caly- love you!

Dad- be safe!

I walked out the door and loaded the car. I drove to L.A. Listening to flights.

~~at secret meeting place~~

When I finally arrived, I got out of my car and walked in the building. I walked down a few hallways and then found a piece of paper taped to a door that read: Caly Fray, please enter left door for meeting.

I looked around and then opened the door to my left. I saw a boy with brown hair and blue eyes. Call me wired, but I had no idea who he was. He spun around with an apple in his mouth. I'm going to call him stranger until I find out his name.

Stranger- who are you? Your not supposed to be back here!

Caly- I'm Caly! I was recently asked to join the Magcon tour. Who are you?

Stranger- Nash Grier. I'm going to call Mahogany. She'll know what to do with you. MAHOGANY!!!

A girl with frizzy red hair ran up and hugged me. She must be mahogany.

Mahogany- you must be Caly! Sorry Nash was a jerk. We're going to have so much fun! We needed another girl!

Nash was staring at me as mahogany dragged me off to another room to meet the others.

Nash was kinda cute...

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