Love falls in four ways

Calypso is a girl. Not just any girl. A Viner. Like Nash Grier, she is asked to be part of the Magcon Tour. On her first tour, she meets four if the most amazing boys. They fall for her and she falls for them. Who will she chose?


3. three

Mahagony- your going to love the rest! Every body's really nice here! And funny.

Caly- haha!

She led me to a room that held several boys. Everyone looked up and stared at me.

One of them looked at me and pushed Mahagony away so he could stand next to me!

Caly- I'm Caly,

Cameron- yes, and your cute! I'm Cameron.

Caly- wow, that was interesting considering I just met you.

Cameron- can't a guy speak his mind?

A man, about 36 walked in with Nash. I recognized him as mike, the Magcon tour director.

Mike- Hello! Everybody have a seat except for Calypso.

Caly- it's Caly.

Mike- whatever. Get up here.

I walked up to the front if the room, and stood next to mike.

Mike- okay boys, and girl... This Is Caly, she is a viner. A hilarious one, who will be joining us for the Magcon tour!

Caly- Hi!

Cameron- should we introduce ourselves?

Mike- please do.

Cameron- I'm Cameron.

Mahagony- I'm Mahagony.

Nash- I'm Nash.

Matt- I'm Mathew.

Carter- I'm carter.

Shawn- I'm Shawn.

I wasn't really paying attention to the rest. Afterwards, we discussed what Magcon is like and what we should and shouldn't do, and then we where free! Mike explained that our first show was in two days and we had to get to the airport tonight. He handed out our tickets and then we all got in our cars. Nash followed me out to my car.

Nash- hey! Caly? Um I know I've literally only known you for half a day, but do you want to... Sit on the plane with me?

I could tell that wasn't what he was going to say.

Caly- yeah! Of course!

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